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Q&A: The Simple #1 Trick To More Wealth And Success

In this Q&A Harv shares why people become unmotivated, what to do about it, the right way to generate wealth and success, and what the simple trick to big money, true wealth and success for the long-term is.

Ready for the reveal?

Question from Reader:

“I lose motivation.

I start something, it gets harder to focus and I lose motivation.

How do I focus when I’m not motivated to finish what I started?

Is there a trick to wealth and success?”

Harv's Answer:

Thank you for a really great question, as a lot of people have been saying the same thing about losing motivation lately and I know many more are struggling with the same pattern.

So here’s what’s happening…

The reason that you lose motivation is, number one, HABIT.

You’re habitually in your comfort zone doing what you normally would do.

Now you start something new…

You’re not in your comfort zone.

It’s not as easy, so it’s not habitual and your OLD habit takes you over.

So what do you have to do IF it’s HABIT?

You must practice every single day getting done what you ‘need’ to get done.

Do it because you said you’re going to do it.

Not because it feels good.

When you are a Warrior, you do what it takes.

And you do what you said you’re going to do PERIOD.

NOT because you feel like doing it.

And NOT because you ‘want’ to do it.

Let’s say your intention is to commit to being financially free in 3 years or less.

That’s what you’re CHOOSING to commit to.

Now you know there are actions you’re going to have to put in place to achieve this goal.

For example, one of those actions you’ve committed to is to learn about cash flow real estate in your area and how to ‘do it’.

So you picked this particular action and you’ve got your ‘cash flow real estate notes’ that you’re learning from.

And you’ve committed to reading 5 pages of those notes and studying them every night for the next 2 weeks.

That way you’ll work through a 40 page manual in a set timeframe and you’ll be on top of it and then you’ll be ready to go onto the next stage…

So that’s the plan you’ve committed to.

Then you come home and you’re tired…

Has that ever happened to you?

And you’re hot and you’re hungry, so you eat, and perhaps have a beer after your meal and you become even more tired.

The last thing you feel like doing is read these frickin’ real estate notes!

So you have to support your FEELINGS, right?


You’re thinking… “I have to honor how I feel tonight.”...


Honor how you feel?

Didn’t you do that last night?

Haven’t you done that your whole frickin’ life?

Wouldn’t you be doing it tomorrow night too?

Isn’t that the frickin’ excuse you use all the time?

“But I don’t feel like it…”

“I’m trying…”

“I don’t want to…”

Those are the exact phrases a 14 year old uses by the way and YOU are not 14 now.. I doubt… and you’ve got a job to do.

Can you imagine in the real world, if you were in a real war, like on a real battlefield…

And the chief comes out and goes… “Everybody, mount up! We’re being attacked! We must advance! Get your gear!” and you hear a person going…

“I don’t feel like it…

I don’t want to fight…

I just fought like 2 weeks ago…

Why don’t they get somebody else?”


That person’s DEAD!

“I do what I feel like… I do what I want…”, really?

NOT once you’ve committed to something!

That IS what you ‘wanted’!

You don’t commit to something you don’t ‘want’ to do!

Why did you commit to it?

You committed to it because that’s what you said you ‘wanted’!

“I ‘want’ to be free in 3 years or less.

I ‘want’ to commit to reading this manual about cash flow real estate in the next 2 weeks.

That’s what I ‘want’.

That’s what I’ll do.”

Your MIND will drive you frickin’ crazy if you keep listening to it!

So first your mind says… “Yeah, okay, we’ll do this. Every day for 2 weeks we’ll be committed to reading 5 pages.”, and then, what does that SAME MIND do?

“Eh, I don’t feel like it…

I don’t ‘want’ to…


Why do I always have to do what I don’t ‘want’ to do?

I should just do what I ‘like’!”

Well which one is it?

What do you ‘want’?

Do you ‘want’ that immediate gratification of.. “I feel tired…” or…

Do you ‘want’ to suck it up and do what it takes?

Because if you do…

You’re going to get FREE.

And you’re going to get RICH.

And you will be SUCCESSFUL.

And you will be PROUD of yourself.

And you will TRUST yourself.

And you won’t feel like an immature little pawn in the world.

So here’s what you do…

While YOUR MIND is screaming at you… “I’m not in the mood! I don’t feel like it! I don’t ‘want’ to!”, you start walking.

You walk to your computer, or you walk to wherever that manual is, while it’s saying that.

Then you sit down in a chair whether it’s in front of your computer or with a book in your hand.

And you open the manual while your mind’s screaming… “I shouldn’t have to do this! I don’t like this! Why do I always have to blah blah blah…”, while it’s doing that…

You see, your arms can open up the book, and your hands can turn the pages and while your mind’s still screaming at you, you start reading.

And you read the first 3 words and you read the next 3 words and then read the next 3.

And then you’ve read a line, and you read the next line and the next one and pretty soon, you’ve read your first page.

Understand that your mind can only focus on one thing at a time!

And soon your mind will only be focusing on what you’re reading, which is what you’re supposed to be doing instead of entertaining all the B!TCHING and complaining and immature whining you had going on before.


Stop listening to your weak self.

Once you’ve committed to an action, you frickin’ DO IT and nothing stops you, especially your own mind.

Am I clear?

Your mind will continue to badger you all the time.

Even if you’re the Dalai Lama, or whether you’re semi or fully enlightened, your mind will continue to badger you.

Nobody has a perfectly enlightened mind.

Do you understand this?

You always choose what you’re committed to versus the excuse and the voice going… “I don’t feel like it… I’m not in the mood…"

Tough SH!T okay!

Then you shouldn’t have committed in the first place!

You either commit to your future and your life or you commit to your immediate gratification because you know what, you’ll NEVER ‘feel like it’ and that’s why you’re broke compared to what you could be.

People who are successful don’t always do what they feel like doing.

“Oh, I have to do my passion…”


Well, let’s get things done that you have to do, what you ‘need’ to get done for what you said you ‘want’ to achieve and hopefully your passion will come into play but if it doesn’t, then tough SH!T, too bad.

I don’t care.

Maybe you’ll start to find your passion within doing it, doing something…

Get moving!


Action beats inaction… remember that always.

ANY action beats inaction.

And what if you’re not feeling up to it?

You know what… if you’ve got the flu and you’re not ‘feeling up to it’, here’s what I say to you…

Do it anyways.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Whether you’re coughing and sneezing all over the place, just do it.

If you have to go for surgery, and you get back home, when you open your eyes, get back into it okay.

You MUST become a frickin' WARRIOR.

One who will not be stopped by anything or anyone.

Do you realize that 90% of the questions you ask me would be HANDLED if you were simply a ‘do whatever it takes’ person.

Everything will be handled!

Stop listening to that weak part of you.

When your mind goes… “I don’t feel like it…”, respond by saying… “Thank you for sharing.” and GET GOING!

Just keep going, although your mind will badger you a couple more times, you just keep going, saying… “Thank you for sharing.” and moving on to the next line you have to read.

And at the end of it, you’ll feel so proud of yourself that tomorrow, here’s what you can do…

Tomorrow you’re going to say… “Well, I really don’t have time.”, and you’re going to go…

“Yeah, but remember yesterday when I said I don’t feel like it, and I did it anyway and felt amazing about myself…Just do it.”

“Yeah but…”

“Just do it.”

“Yeah but…”

“Just do it!

Start walking.

Just open the book.

Start reading.”

Do you think you’ll feel good about yourself?

Every time you do what you said you would do, every time you take a step towards where you said you’d like to be, every time you take an action and you’re courageous, your spirit grows just a tiny bit.

And every time you back off, you retreat, you get sucked into.. “I don’t feel like it…” or “They don’t like me…”, your spirit shrinks just a little bit.

Would you like to know WHY you’re the type of person that you are?

A real confident person that has high energy, or a low energy person that people don’t want to be around…

It’s because your SPIRIT has either GROWN or SHRUNK over these years!

Because you either listened to your mind to take you out, or you’ve overcome your own mind with your own spirit and higher self.

And that’s what’s guiding you… and that’s what’s winning in your life.

It’s up to you.

You’re going to listen to one voice or the other.

You’re going to listen to the good wolf or the bad wolf.

The positive wolf or the negative wolf.

Which one are you going to feed?

Whatever wolf you feed will get stronger.

Keep feeding it… keep paying attention to it…

Whichever one you feed will take over your life but it’s up to YOU, which one will do that.

That’s the one that you control.

Stop listening to the weak part of you… that weak part within all of us.

And the only way I know how to beat my own weak self is to stop listening to it.

I have to tell it... “Thank you for sharing.” 1,000 times a day, and keep coming back to the present, and keep returning to what the next step is and take it.

To do that you’ve got to have a WHY.

My first WHY was to build wealth and success and help other people because I enjoy it.

So I succeeded in building wealth and success that is sustainable.

And after I became wealthy, my second WHY was to become financially free and help more people as I find being of service fulfilling.

So I succeeded in becoming VERY financially free.

Now, you know that my FIRST RULE is to be FREE, so I’m admitting to you the order in which I learned this.

On that journey, I helped many many many people.

And today, my 3 main motivators are, in this specific order…

Number 1… I desire to help people.

Number 2… I really enjoy doing it.

Number 3… I desire substantial growth and great success for our online company so that that part of me can continue and everyone involved can do well financially.

Notice that when I first started, the order was a little off.

It was about me, and about wealth and success.

And now the order is about helping people and enjoying it and about creating success in the online business.

Now why is that third?

Well for me, I know it’s going to happen, because it’s already happening.

When I do these mentoring calls, I say to myself.. “If I could just help one person today, it’ll be worth my time.”

The second thing is, I enjoy teaching and talking to people, and sharing what worked for me and what didn’t work for me.

And the third thing is that I’d like to make sure that we’re all successful along the way.

Remember, success is a result of doing things the right way.

And I like doing things the right way by helping people, and by helping people be successful.

So we’re always improving our products to be of better service even when it seems to be the best out there.

Because for a Warrior, everything’s at level 10.

Write this down…

A Warrior plays everything at either 100% or 0%.

And what does that mean?

If you’re going to do something, you either do it 100% or you don’t do it at all and rather do something else.

And how do you balance your high performance and everything else that has meaning to you in your life?

You plan it, schedule it, and keep to it.

So to answer your question…

The trick to money is freedom.

Freedom allows you to do whatever you desire with your time.

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If employing the same tactics millionaires use to overcome their mindset challenges to be happier and to be unstoppable in life and in business, then you'll understand why financial freedom is the first goal in your wealth-building equation.

Once you don't have to worry about paying bills and making rent, you can really focus on the business of wealth.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wealth and Success

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What is the difference between wealth and success?

Both are dependent on your mindset.

If you have failure habits, it will show in your results.

Wealth is a result.

Success is a result.

Both are a result of the choices you make.

Wealth is generally measured in net worth, how many assets and how much money a person has.

Success can be measured in levels of fulfillment and subjective satisfaction based on benefit.

However, they are connected.

Wealth Rule #1 is to have no limits on your income and if you’d like the easy route to being rich, learn how to be financially free before learning how you can start building wealth.

How can I be wealthy and successful?

The secret is to become financially free first.

Your success is reliant on your mindset and habits.

What do you set yourself up for?

Do you love what you do and do what you love?

Is your happiness a priority?

Are you in the business of helping people?

Because if you’d like to be wealthy, you will have to help a lot of people which in turn means making a lot of money.

How can you be a person who has both wealth and success?

Be a good person who helps others solve problems by doing what you love in the spirit of mutual benefit and present your solution with integrity.

What is your WHY?

Your reason for desiring wealth and success?

The force that compels you to strive and do and be?

Does being rich mean success?

Rich is rich in the same way that wealthy is wealthy, free is free and successful is successful.

Although they’re all connected, each of these are the result of being a good person with supportive empowering thoughts, habits and behaviors, and each characteristic can be gauged on it’s own.

Don’t be fooled by how things appear, as many people who seem to have wealth and success are in fact in high debt situations.

This does not have to be your story. 

You can learn how to develop a millionaire mindset to generate a high level of wealth and success in life and in business.

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