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Choosing Better Problems: How Enjoying Your Challenges Leads to Success

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Problems, failures, and mistakes are part of the journey that leads to success, and although those experiences can feel like a mudslide of lessons, here’s how you can learn to cruise instead of crash despite what’s happening around you.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the daily problems life throws your way?

It's a common feeling, but what if the secret to success and fulfillment lies in choosing the right problems?

Problems you actually enjoy solving?

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. –Maya Angelou

Choosing Better Problems

Instead of aiming for a life devoid of challenges, consider increasing the quality of your problems to improve your life significantly.

What does that mean? 

Here are a couple of examples:

Planning an event is a big, tedious problem for most people…

It involves numerous tasks such as calling vendors, making a guest list, finding the perfect venue, and ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day.

However, if you are someone who thrives on these activities…

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of event organization and love seeing an event come together…

Then these aren't just problems – they're opportunities.

For you, each challenge in event planning is a chance to excel and derive satisfaction from a job well done.

This perspective turns potential stressors into engaging puzzles, making you likely to succeed and build a fulfilling career in event management.

Every decision you make reflects your evaluation of who you are. –Marianne Williamson

Similarly, consider fitness coaching…

While many dread the thought of going to the gym and struggle with maintaining a workout routine, others find joy in exercise and the science of fitness.

If you're passionate about staying active and educating others on how to exercise effectively, the challenges of fitness coaching aren't burdensome.

They become rewarding interactions where you help others achieve their health goals, all the while doing something you love.

This passion not only makes sticking to your own fitness regime easier but also enhances your career and personal fulfillment by turning everyday problems into enjoyable daily activities.

The quality of your life is built on the quality of your decisions. –Wesam Fawzi

5 Tips on Choosing What Leads You to Success


Choosing problems that you enjoy solving fundamentally changes your relationship with work and life challenges…

It shifts your daily grind from something you endure to something you look forward to.

And if you’re struggling to consider how to apply this to your own life, just follow these tips:

  • Identify what you enjoy:
    Think about the tasks you look forward to and feel energized by.

  • Assess your skills:
    Match your interests with your abilities to find where you can excel.

  • Seek relevant opportunities:
    Look for roles or projects where your passions align with the needs.

  • Embrace challenges:
    View each problem as a stepping stone to greater mastery and satisfaction.

  • Stay committed:
    Remember, consistency in what you enjoy is key to turning it into a successful venture.

Decision is a risk rooted in the courage of being free. –Paul Tillich

Life is full of problems, but by choosing to engage with challenges that excite you and play to your strengths, you transform what could be obstacles into stepping stones.

Whether it’s planning the perfect event or coaching someone to peak fitness, when you tackle problems you enjoy, your daily life not only becomes more enjoyable but also more successful.

Remember, it’s not about having fewer problems… it’s about having better ones.

Conclusion: Design Your Destiny

On your entrepreneurial expedition, and even in life in general, you can choose to enjoy the scenery rather than follow a pre-programmed trail that does not serve you.

We are what we think and we behave in accordance with our habits, but if those meandering patterns are not getting us closer to our goals, something must change.

That change is often perception, an understanding that we have better control over our experiences when we look at situations differently and in so doing, discover opportunities for growth, excellence, and ultimate freedom.

Start believing that success is possible for you because if you're reading this, you're collecting the tools required to service what you intend, which leads to success with every wilful step you take.

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Frequently Asked Questions About What Leads to Success

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What leads to success?

Although the road that leads to success may be different for everyone, living by certain principles may significantly improve your prospects if you’d like to be fit for the journey.

At the core is who you choose to be, and your willingness to embrace growth, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

What are the 5 keys to success?

When you’re building the self-confidence necessary to continue your growth, are committed to fulfilling your purpose, know how to set and achieve goals, organize your time accordingly, and prioritize your big rocks, you’re more likely to have a better relationship with everything and everyone around you.

Achieving this becomes much easier when you know yourself and look forward to what you do, deliberately seek where you can add value, and embrace the growth that comes with doing what you love doing as this will fuel your commitment. 

How to be a successful person?

If you follow the 5 tips in this post, you're being a successful person by virtue of picking your battles with care.

It starts with being honest with yourself, knowing who you are, and doing what you’d rather do to stay on track toward your goals.

Do not go gently into what does not fulfill you, and be audacious in living a life of purpose, passion, and meaning by choosing problems you’re good at solving.

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Thanks for everything

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Your articles help me everyday - my life began to change with you.

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Problem to nie problem ;) [Translated from Polish: A problem is not a problem ;)]

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Ka?dy problem pomaga nam w rozwoju

[Translated from Polish: Every problem helps us develop]

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Ver los problemas como oportunidades nuevas [Translated from Spanish: See problems as new opportunities]

Ease of Use
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Que gran artículo, es complicado a veces pero muy real, aprendemos de nuestras experiencias y estas nos hacen más fuertes o más débiles, depende de las "las gafas desde donde lo mires"...

Sin errores no se avanza, no nos moveríamos de la zona de confort, hace poco leí una frase que me impactó, decía algo así como que aceptar el dolor es un maestro y el fracaso la vía rápida hacia el éxito. Que durante los momentos más comprometidos de la vida podemos descubrir quienes somos realmente y nuestra verdadera fuerza que tenemos por dentro cada uno".

Trabajar en uno mismo es la tarea más complicada y mas bonita, pero si no lo hacemos desde dentro estaremos dando vueltas al mismo lugar.

Me gusta mucho la información que nos dan, la perspectiva de estos mensajes y sabiduría en estos textos,

Gracias por esta información tan valiosa

[Translated from Spanish: What a great article, it is complicated at times but very real, we learn from our experiences and they make us stronger or weaker, it depends on the "glasses from which you look at it"...

Without mistakes there is no progress, we would not move from the comfort zone, I recently read a phrase that shocked me, it said something like accepting pain is a teacher and failure is the fast track to success. That during the most committed moments of life we ??can discover who we really are and our true strength that we each have inside."

Working on yourself is the most complicated and beautiful task, but if we don't do it from within we will be going around in the same place.

I really like the information they give us, the perspective of these messages and wisdom in these texts,

Thank you for this valuable information]

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Hello, thanks for your help

I am learning and I have chosen global market analysis to challenge and start a new job, but I have two big problems, one, while I was not stressed before, I am stressed in this market, and second, I do not have a professor to guide me, thank you that help me

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Be focus

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Knowing your problems gives better solution to it

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Be your self

Ease of Use
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Knowing your problems gives better solution to it.

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Peter Kimweri

Remember, it’s not about having fewer problems… it’s about having better ones.

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Simply, it's the well of knowledge...

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Very nice and careful

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Necesito aplicarlo en mi vida [Translated from Spanish: I need to apply it in my life]

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En estos momentos de mi vida nosé exactamente por dónde comenzar, y leo esto porque siento que me puede impulsar, gracias

[Translated from Spanish: At this point in my life I don't know exactly where to start, and I read this because I feel like it can boost me, thank you]

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Nguettia Kouassi

Hyper intéressant [Translated from French: Super interesting]

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Cet article est hyper enrichissant, merci pour le temps que vous accordé pour éduquer professionnellement le monde !

Moi, ma préoccupation c'est que je suis un Multi potentiel, ( passionné de multiples activités) ça fait que j'ai du mal à me concentrer sur un seul activité.

[Translated from French: This article is very enriching, thank you for the time you give to professionally educate the world!

My concern is that I am a potential Multi, (passionate about multiple activities) which means that I have difficulty concentrating on a single activity.]

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