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How To Best Define Meaning, Wealth And Success

If great results for wealth and success have been elusive despite your best efforts to try and improve your life and your business, it may be time to review your definition of wealth and success altogether.

What do wealth and success really look like to you?

Multimillionaire and hugely successful Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, spent many years chasing the money, learning eventually that such pursuit was meaningless.

While studying and modeling people who already achieved wealth and success, he learned about the secrets to getting rich and staying rich, becoming successful and staying successful as well as who he truly is in the process.

Only by knowing what you aim to achieve are you better able to track your progress and move the needle to bring about any real change.

Here’s how Harv says he discovered what he truly desired out of life and out of teaching.

If it resonates with you, you too can start living a life of victory by using Harv’s definition of a life of wealth and success as a roadmap for your own.

Clearly Define Personal & Business Wealth and Success, Then Act On It

A major part of the reason Harv first started teaching is that he likes helping people out.

In fact, he admits that teaching and training took on the most meaning for him when he realized that he had a real effect on people.

He noticed that people would tell him that their lives are changing based on what they’re learning from him.

Although at that point, teaching was more about being of service to others than having financial freedom, wealth and success.

While his original goal was still important, it became secondary to him.

Your Own Definition of Wealth and Success May Change

Today, Harv defines wealth and success differently than when he started decades ago, which is great.

He realized that the way he thinks about wealth and success has a real impact on him spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

Now, consider how your own definition of wealth and success is impacting your business, your relationships and your personal life.

When people talk about “success”, they usually speak of achievement, don’t they?

To “be” successful to them is to have achieved:

  • Freedom, with enough money to do as you please
  • Significance, in that you’re being recognized for something you’re really good at
  • Emotional stability and happiness, by having a family and enjoying your relationships
  • Connectivity and self-worth, where you’re doing good and are respected in your community


But here’s the thing, says Harv…

Although these things are great, they are not the true measures of “success”.

If you become fixated on these definitions, , he cautions that you’ll very likely lose out on experiencing your real potential.

And you could end up missing the true wealth you are worth.

That’s why Harv’s definition of wealth and success is very simple: Living Your Purpose.

How To Live Your Purpose 

All the things that are typically associated with success aren’t so much “successes” to gain as they are gifts that help us feel more comfortable and happier.

We do what we must to “get” what we’re after, and that’s all fair and well.

However, the concern is that in “gaining” these “successes” (i.e. desires that aren’t necessarily derived from within our higher selves), it’s separating us from actually living our purpose.

In truth, Harv states that it’s not the purpose of everyone to own large properties and have all that other “stuff”.

Instead, the purpose of some people is to lead others by means of the sacrifice of such things, thereby shaping their world beyond what they can see in their lives.

No doubt you can think of a couple of spiritual teachers who fit this description, yes?

Harv believes that when you’re living your purpose both in sincerity and in truth, you’re living out what you’re intended to be.

That’s how he lives.

Are YOU living your life’s purpose?

Do you KNOW what your purpose is?

Must You Compromise a Successful Business for a Successful Personal Life?

Many people still believe it must be an “either/or” situation when it comes to having a clear definition of wealth and success, and living their purpose.

Harv usually asks these people to define what a successful life is for them.

They tend to focus either on people they know who’ve had successful small businesses but failing relationships, or on people who’ve had great personal relationships but career struggles.

Unfortunately, meaningful fulfillment and happiness are not present in their lives.

How do you have one without compromising the other?

Harv knows first-hand that it’s easy to get wrapped up in trying to be happy with only one facet of your life and this pulls all your energy away from every other aspect.

It’s not a question of hoping what you ‘neglect’ falls into place by itself so you can dedicate limited amounts of time and energy into one area.

Harv insists that it is a question of seeking out your life’s purpose…

That will empower, support and allow you to connect to your higher self so you can combine your career and personal life into a dynamic force of wealth and success.

You can experience long-term happiness, wealth and success in both your personal life and in your business once you understand your purpose as well as live your purpose, according to Harv.

How to Discover Your Purpose

If you think you don’t have a purpose, think again.

You actually DO have a purpose.

And how does Harv know this?

Because only he knew his, and only YOU can know yours.

There’s no one who can tell you what your purpose is.

You have to figure out that one on your own and find what it is specifically for YOU, says Harv.

This way, you really can live the life you’ve always desired.

For Harv, he knows his purpose has always been, and always will be to help people by offering education, inspiration and information to truly live from power, joy and purpose.

He will continue to encourage people to dismiss obligation, need and fear because living a life of choice, of purpose and of passion is empowering and brings out the best in us.

Most of us who live our purpose will inevitably enjoy the gifts and “successes” that come with living in purpose, and on purpose.

Furthermore, Harve does not believe that any one person’s dharma (which is basically your life duty that you’re born into) is any less or any more significant than that of another.

They’re simply at different levels and at different intensities, with different vibrations we send out into the world.

Understanding your own unique vibration is how Harv defines a life of success.

3 Enemies Keeping You from Living Your Purpose

In your pursuit of discovering your purpose, inner enemies will seek to keep you from achieving your full potential.

Giving in to them could stop you from living the life you’re meant to be living.

Harv names those enemies as:

#01. Living from FEAR

#02. Living from NEED

#03. Living from OBLIGATION

Mark these words.

As you really look at what you’re doing in your life, you’ll be astounded by what you observe...

Most people realize that they’re living in fear, need and/or obligation for 90% of the time.

“Well, I have to do this (stay in a crappy job, as an example).”


“I HAVE TO do this because (fill-in-the-blank).”

According to Harv, these excuses separate you from your higher self and take you out of ‘your zone’.

Even worse, they take you out of your happiness.

Despite how real those reasons may be, you won’t be seeking a different solution if you remain attached to fear, need or obligation.

Conclusion: Meaning, Wealth and Success Are Your Destiny!

How have the fears, needs and obligations you’ve created in your life impacted you, how you live your life and whether or not you’re living your purpose?

What have you learned along the way?

How can you use that to your advantage now?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wealth and Success

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What is the purpose of wealth?

If you’d like to build wealth, then having a good enough reason, a purpose for what you’re working toward will help you achieve your goal easier.

Sure it’s great having the freedom and the money and the time to do as you please, but, you must have a clear definition of what wealth is to you.

And moreover, if long-term wealth and success are what you’re after, you require a roadmap to achieve your goals so as to serve your purpose of acquiring such wealth.

How do you do that?

By living a life of purpose, on purpose.

This means that you don’t allow fear, need and obligation to distract you from your path to creating wealth and success, and that you live your life by choice.

What is the real purpose of success?

Most people work hard for most of the working years of their lives in pursuit of happiness and freedom that will never come.

The real purpose of success is to live your life of passion, your life of fulfillment and your life of purpose and using what feeds your happiness to make a helpful impact on the world.

How do you define success?

Everyone looks at it differently and it depends on who you are as a person, what you believe is successful.

You can be successful but not rich, or vice versa.

But if you’d like to be both wealthy and successful, T. Harv Eker will teach you how!

How can I be wealthy and successful?

Live a life of purpose, of passion and of meaning.

There’s no better way to have everything you desire in life, build wealth and success other than living what you’re meant to be doing.

You automatically choose to be your ultimate self and give the world your absolute best by living a life of purpose and you can learn how to do that right here.

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