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The Good Energy Of Serving Others By Becoming Rich

It’s astounding how many people believe that becoming rich will make life worse for them.

Multimillionaire and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker made a promise to the Universe that, if he becomes rich and successful, he will show others how to do the same.

Harv had to learn to become the person worthy of the wealth he was aiming to build, to align his values with his thoughts, and to believe that wealth and success were possible for him.

And it took no more than 2.5 years for him to make his first million.

As we explore his techniques and teachings, consider how they pertain to you and what you can take from Harv’s knowledge to apply to your situation so you can get better results.

Because the sad reality is that a vast many people still believe the worst about themselves, about money, and about becoming rich and it’s vital to know that you don’t have to stay in this position, if this is you at the moment.

These limiting beliefs around money are preventing them from ever achieving a modicum of wealth, says Harv.

And often, such people have this fear that other people will focus solely on their money once they become rich.

But this tenuous yet overpowering fear keeps so many people out of reach of what is true…

That it is indeed GOOD to be RICH!

Not exclusively for the lifestyle, but also for the ultimate opportunities that being rich grants you, such as to be a better person and having the power, as well as the means to serve others.

Don’t Just Serve, Also Become Rich

Harv is of the firm belief that becoming rich can help you be a better human being.

But, whenever he talks about it there’s often someone in the background going… “What about the rich jerk who doesn’t tip even though the service was great? How’s money made him a better person?”.

Well, it’s simple really…

Money only made him more of what he already is.

Whoever you are, money will make you more of that. -T. Harv Eker

If you happen to be a generous and kind person, you’ve likely attracted similar like-minded people into your circle before becoming rich.

So what happens to you after becoming rich?

Harv asserts that you will continue to be that same generous and kind person.

And becoming rich only means that NOW, you’re in a position to be generous on a much larger scale.

Becoming Rich is Your Duty

Read that again.

It is our duty to, if we can, become rich, according to Harv.

We have a responsibility to grow into our fullest potential, in terms of both wealth and character.

And it’s entirely possible to develop the character that cares about others and achieve success, as well as grow financially at the same time.

When these two goals are combined, this ultimately helps us become better people while becoming rich, Harv insists.

Now, since a ‘bad’ personality cannot be blamed on wealth, what then is the ‘root of all evil’?

It certainly isn’t stacks of paper or digits in a bank account.

Instead, what makes people nasty is actually just fear, says Harv.

Because fear is the feeling at the root of those thoughts when we hear a voice telling us that becoming rich will only make things worse and strip us of acceptance, being loved, and being well thought of.

Down the line, by not accepting that becoming rich could be a great thing for ourselves as well as for others, fear easily spirals into envy.

And envy says… “I can’t have that, and I resent those that do.”.

But Harv asserts that accepting your true desire says... “I can have that, and I will be a better person because of it.”.

Remember: It’s Okay to be Wealthy

So rather than secretly, or even outwardly despising people who are rich, affirm them, is what Harv suggests.

Even if they really are frickin’ jerks.

You’re not affirming the person’s character, nor do you necessarily approve of who they are.

What you’re doing is affirming the sense and idea that being rich is okay.

After all, only you can make the choice for you to be unselfish, humble, and thoughtful.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, envy and fear negate good thoughts of wealth, resulting in feelings and subsequent actions that remove you from becoming rich, Harv warns.

practice & exercise

Overcome the Fear of Becoming Rich

Try this simple exercise that Harv recommends to overcome fear…

Think of something you’ve always dreamed of doing, but never managed to get around to doing.

Now, just go ahead and DO IT.

Even if you never wish to do it again once you’ve done it, at least you’ll have the experience of knowing what it was like.

And you’re learning to not allow anything to hold you back for any reason.

Now that you’ve broken through one fear, you’re laying the foundation for other breakthroughs to become easier.

This is how you’ll grow.

Because, as Harv regularly echoes to his students, practice makes permanent.

Conclusion: What You Focus on Expands

Although becoming rich is one of the goals, this advice applies to more than being rich.

What you’re learning is to grow yourself bigger than the obstacles you’ll face in life.

The more challenges you face, and the more wonder you experience, the more you’ll expand.

With every new experience, you welcome your capacity for MORE.

Whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and like with everything in life, with money you’ll receive the benefits along with the challenges.

The secret is not to cower and allow fear to control your capacity for growth, success, and becoming rich.

Because in the end, when you endeavor to become rich, as a person it can serve you, and if you so choose, it will be of service to others as well. 

And this is never a bad thing! 

So if you’re ready to serve others, and if becoming rich is one of your goals, learn how to combine money with meaning and success with fulfillment so you can experience the best of both worlds!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming Rich

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What are the 10 steps to becoming rich?

The more complicated it is, the less likely it is to work.

Harv keeps it simple, and he’ll tell you that at the core of becoming rich lies self-mastery and choosing thoughts, habits and actions that support you in becoming rich.

What sets rich people apart from poor people is how they manage their money.

Becoming financially free is easier and quicker than becoming rich, and once you’re financially free, only then can you truly start building wealth.

Your #1 priority and your very first step should be to become financially free, so that you can become rich.

How to be a millionaire in 5 years?

You can become a millionaire in 2.5 years if you follow what T. Harv Eker teaches in his world-class step-by-step Programs that will help you master the critical areas of your life and business.

Once you know WHY becoming rich is important to you, the HOW becomes easier.

What habits make you a millionaire?

Your habits are informed by your thoughts.

If you have good quality, supportive and empowering thoughts, then your feeling and actions will be supportive and empowering to your wealth creation efforts.

When you manage your money with millionaire money habits to become as well as stay financially free and in control of your finances, you start building true wealth.

One of the greatest secrets to becoming rich and generating wealth is in living a life of purpose by helping other people. 

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