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10 Limiting Beliefs Around Money That Cripple Your Wealth & Success

If you’re not rich yet, and your limiting beliefs around money remain unchanged, is there any chance of wealth and success for you?

For the short term, perhaps…

Trainer and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, also had short-term success, and short-term riches, just to go broke again and again and again as his limiting beliefs around money limited his results.

He realized that what he was doing was not working, and sought the formula to lasting wealth, success, and happiness.

And he found that it all starts in the mind.

Let’s explore the thoughts that Harv says he had to change to create sustainable wealth…

What really shapes the very outcome of your life, and determines your levels of success?

If what you believe about yourself, your money and your relationship with money does not support having a lot of it, Harv asserts that you won’t have much going around.

Thinking thoughts like “Rich people are greedy!” or “Making money means I’m taking from others…” will undoubtedly prevent you from getting rich, he adds.

How would you become a person that you look down upon, or have a problem with?

You simply wouldn’t!

Become Aware of Limiting Beliefs

Your first step to becoming rich, according to Harv, is to become aware of the limiting beliefs you have around wealth, success, and money that don’t support having an abundance of it.

Follow that up with the action of changing those limiting beliefs into thoughts, habits, and patterns that DO support the life of wealth and success you desire.

What Are Beliefs?

Understand that beliefs are just that, something you believe and it’s not a rule, or a law that you MUST follow, urges Harv.

Your free will allows you to change up your beliefs at any time you choose to.

Harv emphasizes two distinctly different beliefs in a special infographic below.

It features limiting beliefs that are fear-based and of course millionaire mind beliefs that support the kind of life most people would like to live.

Which beliefs do you relate to more?


Courtesy infographic from Harv Eker International

Infographic Analysis

Harv states emphatically in his teachings that if a belief you have does not support, empower, or help you, you simply have to replace that belief with something that does…

Let’s explore Harv’s message in the infographic to transition from fear-based beliefs to millionaire mind beliefs:

#01 - Reframing the Value and Reward of Hard Work

  • The Fear-Based Mind Believes: “I have to work hard for money”
  • The Millionaire Mind Believes: “I do what I love, I solve problems for others and make a large profit”

#02 - Reframing the Perspective of Abundance

  • The Fear-Based Mind Believes: “Money is a limited resource”
  • The Millionaire Mind Believes: “There’s enough money for everyone who is willing to earn it”

#03 - Reframing Who Is In Control of Your Life

  • The Fear-Based Mind Believes: “I can’t control if I become wealthy or not”
  • The Millionaire Mind Believes: “I create my life and take consistent actions to make it how I want it”

#04 - Reframing Starting Your Business

  • The Fear-Based Mind Believes: “It takes a lot of money to start a business”
  • The Millionaire Mind Believes: “Starting my own business will allow me to have no limitations on my income”

#05 - Reframing the Relationship Between Happiness and Money

  • The Fear-Based Mind Believes: “Money can’t buy me happiness”
  • The Millionaire Mind Believes: “Money gives me the freedom to do things that improve the quality of my life”

#06 - Reframing Having More Money

  • The Fear-Based Mind Believes: “More money means more problems”
  • The Millionaire Mind Believes: “More money means more choices in every aspect of my life”

#07 - Reframing Money as Good

  • The Fear-Based Mind Believes: “Money is the root of all evil”
  • The Millionaire Mind Believes: “Money is a resource to do good in my life and for others”

#08 - Reframing Your Responsibility with Money

  • The Fear-Based Mind Believes: “I never have any extra money” 
  • The Millionaire Mind Believes: “I manage my money because when I do, more money comes my way”

#09 - Reframing Your Choices

  • The Fear-Based Mind Believes: “I can either make money or do what I love”
  • The Millionaire Mind Believes: “I don’t have to choose between making money and pursuing my passion. I can do both”

#10 - Reframing WHO You Are When You Have More Money

  • The Fear-Based Mind Believes: “It’s not right to be rich when other people are so poor”
  • The Millionaire Mind Believes: “I can do more for others when I’m rich than when I’m broke”

Every one of the limiting beliefs you might have is holding you back from a life of prosperity.

You can choose to start a cycle of abundance by refreshing your perspective on money and how you relate to it.

Re-Programming Your Limiting Beliefs

Now that you know what beliefs to replace your limiting beliefs with, what’s next?

Harv is adament that you have to learn how to control your own mind by mastering it!

Conclusion: You Are The Master

Many people have become great, in fact, masters, at being broke, and they continue practicing it daily.

But you can use the same amount of mental capacity to practice being rich if only you knew how…

You’re one decision away from applying the secret beliefs of millionaires to transform all your limiting beliefs around money, yourself, your worth, and your life for the better, so what are you waiting for?

Embrace these millionaire mind declarations and retrain your brain to think in favor of a thriving life, not an obligatory experience that has to be survived.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Limiting Beliefs Around Money

Has your Mind ever wondered…

How do you overcome limiting beliefs about money?

First, become aware of the thoughts and beliefs that qualify as limiting beliefs.

Those would be the things you believe that don’t support you in living a life of wealth, happiness, and success.

Then, replace your unsupportive beliefs with supportive ones, such as those mentioned in the infographic.

Reprogram the language you use to improve your relationship with money.

It takes daily practice and deliberate action to change any unsupportive thought that comes into your head.

What are the Top 10 limiting beliefs?

You’ll find 10 limiting beliefs in the infographic above, as well as their counterparts that are in favor of a wealthy and successful life.

As an example, if you believe that “It’s not right to be rich when other people are so poor”, you will never get rich because you don’t yet realize that you can do more for others when you’re rich as opposed to being broke.

And from another angle, if you believe that “It takes a lot of money to start a business”, you’re wrong because starting your own business will allow you to have no limit on your income and you can learn how to start a business with no money here.

How can I change my beliefs around money?

You can choose what you believe.

You now know that limiting beliefs will bring you limiting results.

Check out the infographic for Harv’s list of 10 “Fear-Based Liming Beliefs” vs. “Millionaire Mind Beliefs” and see how you can easily replace what does not serve and support you, with something that does.

Do you have a millionaire mind, and if not (yet), is there a better time to start thinking supportively than right now?

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