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For business success to be a reality in your startup, having the right customers from the very beginning is necessary.

While most people think that a strategy starting with a broad audience, and narrowing that audience down later is a great idea, they don’t realize how ineffective it can be.

Multimillionaire Trainer and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, spent decades searching for the most effective and efficient ways of succeeding in business.

He narrowed down the secrets to business success in a simple way to make sure that anyone using his strategies can achieve the same levels of success, wealth, and freedom he has.

If you’d like to learn about the benefits of pursuing your dream prospects from the moment you start your business, then join us as we explore Harv’s perspective on the matter.

Discovering Your Ideal Prospects

To generate momentum with your market presence, it should make sense to cast a net as wide as possible that is aligned with your niche.

Surely it should enable you to be more discerning about who gets more of your time later down the line.

However, top sales producers don’t do this, says Harv, as they’ve learned to catch the bigger fish by casting a smaller net from the beginning.

Chet Holmes is one of these top producers who turns poor sales around in companies that are struggling. 

There are always a smaller number of best buyers rather than all buyers. -Chet Holmes

But what does this mean?

According to Harv, it simply means that you narrow down your target market to prospective buyers who, although smaller in number, will generate more revenue than all your small fish combined.

By connecting with the big fish, Harv says you don’t only save yourself time and energy, but you’re also creating the opportunity for affiliations and partnering endeavors that could make sales and marketing easier than fishing in isolation.

Pick the Cream of the Crop

How would you describe your dream prospect?

Let’s say, you’re a real estate broker operating in your own town.

Who will you approach to start generating leads?

Who will you target before dispatching direct mail to each household in town?

And, if you were well-known in your area, who would drive an overwhelming influx of referrals to you? 

With this ‘Big Fish’ strategy, Harv suggests that you’re seeking the most influential individuals.

These big fish have access to the very same variety of prospects you desire, and you’re relentlessly appealing to them, he adds.

They’re the people living on the most expensive properties in your town.

Harv recommends that you make sure they are prioritized in your marketing budget.

To be specific, Harv’s saying you should pick your dream prospects!

This is the most cost-effective technique Harv knows to build your business without having to spend a lot of money.

These select few people, seeing your face in their mail once a month, every single month, might not require you immediately but…

When they really do, Harv insists that they’ll know for sure that your information comes to them like clockwork.

The commission you earn on one expensive home sold could more than cover your marketing budget on this strategy, he adds.

So when it comes to exclusive real estate in the area, you’ll be top of mind to these people thanks to your ceaseless subconscious marketing.

Quality Over Quantity

Harv mentions that the same strategy applies when we talk about in-store client relations.

Even then, narrowing down what you desire from each interaction is still a mindset of quality over quantity.

For example, how do you get one customer to purchase more than just the item they were looking for?

Or multiple more expensive items for that matter?

How can you make your first interaction more interesting from the moment you start having a conversation?

Or with something you show them?

How can it be made more appealing, more exciting, and more attractive?

Your business objectives must be clear, Harv asserts.

Most people aren’t strategic and they don’t consider… “How many things do I wish to accomplish with this buyer?”.

However, when you do start to think this way, Harv assures you that the entire quality of your interactions changes.

The more focused and narrow your business objectives are, the greater impact you’ll have from the start, he adds.

And the faster you’ll grow with much less effort.

Patience, persistence, and commitment are the biggest elements required to see this strategy to success, Harv reckons.

Conclusion: How Will You Achieve Business Success?

Whether you’re starting your business or endeavoring to grow it, marketing will always play a major role in your business success and there’s no way around it.

How you market though, could mean the difference between whether you make a living or make millions.

By relentlessly appealing to your dream prospects, you foster a sense of kinship that could benefit everyone involved.

And, by doing business with a mindset of adding more value and optimizing every interaction and experience with mutual benefit in mind, you're programming your days for success.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Success

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What are the three steps for business success?

Business success essentially depends on three simple things.

Having the right income vehicle, acquiring the right knowledge, and being the right person to be doing what you’re doing.

Harv’s business success formula looks like this:


And if you like helping people solve problems, and you follow this simple principle along with what you learn from those who have been successful before you, you can have business success and you can build true wealth.

What does success in business depend on?

At least 80% of business success is due to marketing.

If nobody knows your business exists, they can’t buy from you.

As far as marketing strategies go, targeting the ‘Big Fish’ from the onset is a winning method.

Why do businesses become successful?

Businesses become successful when they are top of mind, have built trust and authority as well as deliver on promise.

Business success means that your business is helping people solve problems better than anyone else.

An effective marketing strategy is crucial to your business success to keep your target market informed, engaged and continually coming back for more.

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