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How To Make Millions, Be Successful & Work Less In 2024?

The quick answer to how to make millions or at the very least, start your process of having more money, having more success, and working less this year, is to eradicate limits.

Of course, there are many things you can do to eliminate limitations, and one key element relates to how you position yourself.

If you know anything about T. Harv Eker, you’ll know he struggled for over a decade with 14 different businesses and jobs and found himself stuck in a cycle of making money and then losing it.

When he discovered the keys to lifelong success, wealth, happiness, and freedom, he authored the bestseller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind to provide profound insights into the inner game of wealth.

To this day, he continues to impact many people in an endeavor to fulfill his promise to the Universe.

That promise is to help people achieve the same levels of wealth and success he did by providing them with principles and strategies of excellence that can be applied in life and in any business.

The most popular question Harv gets from his give or take 3 million students is “How?”...

How did he do it?

How can you and everyone else do it?

And today, that question gets answered with what is absolutely and not negotiably necessary for you to become highly successful and very very wealthy.

Harv shares what worked for him, and by all counts, it seemed to work for him pretty darn well considering he’s a multimillionaire... 

So if you’d like to know Harv’s most influential life lessons and strategies on how to make millions, be successful, and work less this year, and how to do it quickly, you’ll keep reading.

The Source of Your Help

You’ve probably read all the self-help books you could get your hands on…

And listened to a bunch of audio files and gurus who all seemed to know their stuff…

You may have tried multiple avenues to generate a sustainable income, and possibly consider yourself the kind of person who’s doing everything ‘right’ or at least, everything you can to win… 

But you’re just not getting the results you desire…

Nothing’s working!

You realize by now that if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.

One major lesson that Harv learned on his journey to unfathomable fortunes is to model the best.

Learn from someone who has a proven track record of continued success and wealth as they’re definitely doing something right, consistently.

You wouldn’t go climbing Mount Everest with an inexperienced guide, would you?

After all, it’s only your life on the line.

No, of course you wouldn’t!

If you wish to climb that mountain, Harv is convinced that you will ask the support of the best, most qualified, and most experienced climber.

Someone who has been up and down that mountain, successfully, several times and who has helped others do the same thing, right?

Business, he argues, is no different.

Becoming a Business Owner

Let’s say you have a well-paying job, but you’d like to start a business because you’re after the freedom, time, and control business ownership can provide.

But you’re scared that your business will take up more of your time and freedom than your job does at the moment, wondering if the change is really worth it.

Here are 3 critical ways Harv suggests for you to manage this scenario:

#01 Don’t Throw Away Your Income on an Impulse

Harv’s done this before, many times. 

It didn’t work for him and it is unlikely that it will work for you if you’re after success and wealth.

Throwing away your income to get into a situation that you’re not certain of and something you may not be adequately prepared for, where you end up praying for business and money to come in is a fool’s errand.

There are 2 kinds of people in this world, according to Harv.

Divers and Waders.

Divers, he says, get right in there, head first into the unknown without a plan of action whereas Waders start off slowly until they know what they’re doing, why, and how to do it best.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Wader or a Diver.

If you’re a Diver, you might say, “I like doing that because I get used to the water quicker”.

But when it comes to business, Harv warns that your pool may have no water in it.

Good luck diving into that one…

You’ll crack your head open and bleed out because you have no plan, no support, and no one to blame but yourself because you didn’t deliberately intend on succeeding.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together. - African Proverb

So Harv's suggestion is to be a Wader - wade first.

Don’t give up your income.

If you give up your income, the stress is just too much and will cripple, if not destroy you.

Why would you do that to yourself?

The idea in life and in business is to enjoy it and be happy, Harv insists.

And that’s why you wade in slowly.

How slowly is up to you.

But make sure you are keeping your income or AN INCOME.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same income though, but make sure you have something coming in, says Harv.

Rich people think long-term while broke people think short-term.

Let’s up the stakes in our initial scenario.

So you’re earning great money in a job you no longer enjoy, but you’d like to follow your passion in a slightly different field, yet lack some knowledge and experience in the new arena.

How can you start a business when you don’t have the right amount of knowledge about your preferred arena yet?

To set yourself up for success, Harv suggests that you start working for a company that already does all the things you’d like to do in your business.

An organization that already has everything in place, knows the ins and outs and has been successfully and consistently creating, marketing, selling, and profiting from what you’d like to do.

Learn everything you can over a few months as it will be worth it, even if it means taking home less money, he adds.

You can always adjust your lifestyle if you manage your money responsibly, but the experience and connections you’ll build are invaluable!

And why would this be worth your while?

Because you cut out the requirement of having to pay someone else for teaching you what you have to know in order to have the right amount of knowledge and experience it takes to succeed, Harv says.

You’ll know what the heck you’re doing when you start your own business and if you’re smart, you’ll have customers following you from your previous situation.

You can start making money from day 1. 

Don’t go from earning big to earning nothing.

Reduce the stress and pressure, and start your business with know-how and certainty.

#02 Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur

If you’re feeling scared to take the plunge, Harv says that’s your mindset.

Your conditioned mind is a protective mechanism and it will signal red flags because you’re trying to get out of your comfort zone.

It’s your bodyguard’s job to protect you and to help you preserve your survival, so it will ‘cue the alarm bells’ when you’re considering a big change, says Harv.

And also, if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you will be scared to go at it on your own.

This is the case in most situations, most people don’t have a clue what they’re doing, he adds.

Not only in a specific business but in business in general.

Some may have attended business school and what is taught there is extremely interesting and helpful in getting a decent paying job where you require an MBA.

However, according to Harv, it usually has very little to do with real-world principles and street-smart reality.

They don’t teach you psychological triggers to make people buy for example.

So Harv has learned that you have to acquire a new set of knowledge, the right knowledge, and specific knowledge.

Do you feel more confident when you have more knowledge going into a situation, or when you enter with less knowledge?

To overcome fear, there’s one way to do it, insists Harv.

You can’t wait for it to dissipate - it doesn’t go away.

You have to act in spite of fear.

And how do you overcome the fear?

Only with knowledge!

You’ve got to tame that fear to achieve better balance and momentum.

You see, when you know what you’re doing, you have self-confidence, adds Harv.

The word ‘confidence’ is derived from the Latin word ‘confidere’ which means ‘to trust’.

Trust in who?

Trust in yourself.

And you get that trust and confidence from the knowledge you have.

The more critical strong knowledge you have about what you’re going to do and about the arena you’re in, the more confidence you have, the better and stronger actions you take, Harv argues.

It’s very simple.

The more knowledge you have, the less fear you have.

So where do you get more knowledge?

Harv reasons that you can get it in books, or CDs, or online, or from any business coach you resonate with.

And you don’t have to take Harv’s word for it, or that of his students - have your own opinion.

Your opinion and your habits have gotten you to exactly where you are right now.

So here’s a thought.

If you’d like to get to a different level, you require different habits and different opinions.

That doesn’t mean that Harv’s opinion or anyone’s opinion is any better than yours, because they’re not.

You’re very likely quite proficient in your arena and you could teach anyone, including Harv, a thing or two.

But when it comes to business and specialties in business, Harv asserts that his tips remove the complexity.

Firstly through simplicity, keeping it street-smart simple with what works in the real world.

If it takes enormous complexity to understand it, Harv wouldn’t be able to explain it so it makes no business sense to get complex.

Complex may be interesting but simple is ‘usable’ - that’s why Harv suggests that  you go for what is ‘usable’.

Secondly, Harv knows firsthand that business is hard.

And business is way too hard to just earn a living.

According to Harv, owning a business is the way to go if you’d like to create wealth since it’s damn near impossible to get rich working for someone else.

If you’re in business, or you’re planning to get into business you create a situation where you call the shots and you can earn whatever you’d like to earn.

There can be no limits, says Harv.

Wealth Rule #1 - No limits on your income -T. Harv Eker

Wealth Rule #1 can change your life if you let it!

And mostly, in a job situation, you have limits on your income because you’re being paid for your time and not for your performance or results, he adds.

Time is limited and if you’re in a job, so is your income.

If you desire wealth, then make sure you have no limits on your income.

Harv prides himself on the fact that he teaches business in ways that make people rich.

He won’t teach you business in a way that will make you $100K a year, that’s not what you need from him.

So whether you learn from Harv or not, choose a successful mentor and do what they do - adapt it to your unique situation but don't learn from people who haven't achieved the kind of success you're after.

Get out of your comfort zone, don’t be lukewarm, says Harv - LEARN and DO.

You’re inevitably going to work hard in your business - for a shorter period of time if you apply what you'll learn from someone who has succeeded before you - so you might as well make millions.

Afterall, it’s the same frickin’ 8 to 10 hours a day, it’s just a question of WHAT do you do in that 8 to 10 hours, Harv posits.

You can do things that create a living, create comfort, create getting by, create a decent income and if you’d like to do that, go learn from someone else please, because why bother?

If you’re going to spend 8 to 10 hours working each day, Harv urges you to make sure you’re doing things in ways to make millions, in ways that make you frickin’ rich.

There are strategies that create wealth and there are strategies that create mediocrity, just a living.

The latter limits you but both strategies take the same amount of time and effort.

You have a choice between which strategies you’ll implement.

Aiming for an increase in revenue or profit or income of 10%, 30% or 50% is a crappy goal to have, according to Harv, and you’ll create strategies to achieve exactly that.

That’s how boring and broke people stay bored and broke, he asserts.

How about setting the intention to double your income each year until you’re earning a minimum of a million dollars a year?

And once you’ve achieved that, you still set a goal to double it but now you’re in a position to see what other offers you can do.

But how do you do that?

#03 Have Low and High Ticket Items

So again, Harv urges you to think, why bother with a host of strategies that will only slightly and incrementally increase your income when instead, you can use 3 home-run strategies that could help you make millions?

You’ve got to be thinking “Home Runs” and in the interim, you’ve got to get your base hits and your process but you have to spend time on those home runs because you plan on getting rich!

Here’s an example of a big home run for Harv.

Originally Harv had to make a decision about how he will bring the strong information he has, that made him a millionaire, to the masses.

He was contemplating whether he should write a book or host a seminar.

He realized that he could write a book immediately but out of countless authors, who the hell is T. Harv Eker?

He also didn’t know whether or not the book would sell, which is less important.

What’s more important is that because of his desire to really help people, he understood he could help them best with a live seminar, or even in an online setting to get his program to them.

And he knew it was his program that would help them greatly.

Plus, a book costs around $10 or $20 whereas a live seminar costs around $1,000, or $2,000 or $5,000.

He decided to do both.

Wealth File #12 - Think Both -T. Harv Eker

He would help the people who don’t have a lot of money with the $10 and $20 items.

And he would help people who prefer more information, accelerated learning, and a deeper education ingrained forever with reconditioning, who are willing to do more and pay more and get the private circle stuff with the live seminars.

That made all the difference in the world, he says.

Getting out there and really offering to the best of his ability, a solution in a way that would make a difference for people.

And here’s the biggest secret to creating wealth as opposed to a mediocre income, according to Harv

Make sure that in your repertoire of products or services, you have some lower priced items, as well as some very high ticket items, or a package.

If you don’t have a high ticket proposition, you’ll end up competing against the Walmarts of the world, and that’s not ideal if you’d like to make millions.

Don’t just have exclusively low ticket items because you’ll have to sell billions of those to make some money, Harv says.

Instead, get people involved with you on a low-risk, low-time, low investment proposition if you’d like to create wealth in business.

It’s the ‘FEBE’-method.

This system represents the ‘Front End Back End’ method which means you draw people in, to get to know who you are, on the Front End of your business.

This is also the most expensive part of your business, Harv mentions, because people have to learn who you are and you have to market to them and gain their trust.

So get them involved in a low-risk proposition at the beginning.

Low risk in time and money.

If you approach people with a high ticket item at the outset, trying to convince them that paying $5,000 for 5 days of training on how to become a millionaire, NOBODY will go for it because they don’t know who you are, or what you know.

You might know that your product or service is great, but Harv warns you that they don’t.

So instead of starting with an offer of “$5,000 for 5 days”, why not start with a “$0 and 5 of the best minutes of your life” offer?

Answer a question for them that can change their life, for free.

Provide them with value that will not take much of their time or money.

Whether you charge $1 or $279 for a program or service, let them get to know you first.

And when they get involved and realize that what you offer is truly amazing to them, they will want to know what else you have that could help them even more.

Now they’re asking the questions and you don’t have to ‘sell’ anything to them, Harv says.

When people start asking you for more, you can present your higher ticket items to them, and that trust is already built so you now have your people at the Back End of your business.

The headaches are in the Front End, in drawing people in the first time to get to know you.

Then you’re going to support them with more and more products and services and this will be on the Back End with high ticket items and packaged deals of $10,000 or $20,000.

And if you don’t have any products or services past $300, Harv urges that you better create one, or some!

Include multiple products or services and even some of YOU with bonuses to increase the value of the offer.

Do you have a $2,000 or $5,000 item you’re offering?


Well, then it’s going to be hard to get rich.

Harv enhanced his wealth in the fitness business by duplication, having 10 stores instead of 1 store.

But in the training business, he started off with 1 offer, 1 program that was $1,299.

With more and more people coming on board, the price reduced to $399 because he started writing more and more programs that were priced $1,000 and up.

He then packaged very very high-value programs together for $25,000.

The emphasis is on VALUE here and people said it was the best $25,000 they’d ever spent because the value they said they received, they could never get from any school and it made them rich.

And that, according to Harv, means delivery on promise.

The big secret is to introduce yourself with lower ticket items so people can experience the value and end up asking for more of what you have to offer.

If you want to be broke, sell low-ticket items for the rest of your life.

If you’d like to make millions, have higher ticket items but start with low ticket items to get people involved, says Harv.

A Way to do Business that Works

There’s a way to do business that works, and according to Harv, 99% of people don’t do it that way.

They do it in their own way, or the way they’ve been taught, or the only way they understand.

Your way has gotten you where you are so far.

If you’re making $300,000 or $400,000 or $500,000 a year, that’s great.

You can still learn how to make $1,000,000 or more a year if that’s of interest to you.

But if you’re making less than $100,000 a year, there’s so much you’re missing, so much you can learn that can improve that number exponentially.

Some people are great starters and poor finishers, Harv adds.

They never fully commit.

They find themselves jumping from one thing to the next, hoping the next opportunity will be the ‘right’ one that’ll make them rich.

Here’s something Harv shares that you might not know yet.

There are 3 elements in the business success triangle.

RV > RK > RY = Success

RV represents the Right Vehicle at the right time.

RK represents the Right Knowledge and there are 2 kinds of knowledge.

Generalized knowledge such as business principle knowledge that you use in all business.

And specific business knowledge that applies to your particular arena and everything you must know in that exact field.

RY is the thing that holds it all together, and it represents the Right You.

Being the Right You is the first place Harv urges you to start working on.

The luxurious amount of time that Harv spent broke, he was chasing the Right Vehicle, focusing on what’s trending and what could get him out of his financial rut fast.

He saw everyone else was making money on what he had his eye on but he wasn’t killing it like he thought he would in those opportunities.


Because, he admits, it wasn’t the right fit.

It was like walking in heels that were 2 sizes too small, and he kept walking until he couldn’t walk anymore and had to try on a different pair of shoes.

It hurts you when you don’t get into the right business situation, the Right Vehicle, that fits and suits you personally.

That continued for years until he decided to study wealthy successful people and their habits.

How did Harv make it then?

He says that he gave up pursuing what made others rich and focused on what he enjoyed doing, what he loved doing and at that time he was huge into fitness.

His morning and evening routines involved running 8 miles a day, 250 push-ups, and 250 sit-ups - this is WHO he was.

He studied fitness so he understood the intricacies of a healthy body-mind-soul connection through the fun of movement.

So he decided that he doesn’t care whether he’ll make money or not, he cares about helping people achieve their fitness goals and balance - in essence, enhancement of their well-being.

Using the principles he’d just learned, he focused on doing what he loved, and that was his breakthrough.

And he insists that it will work the same way for you too.

If you have the Right Knowledge, and you get into the Right Vehicle that suits you personally, and you work at being the Right You to create the kind of mindset that supports your goals, you will succeed.

If you’re not making the income you desire, where’s your problem?

Is it the Right Vehicle? Do you have that?

Is it the Right Knowledge? Do you have that?

Or is it the Right You? Which one is missing?

Many people miss all 3.

You could be missing a little bit in each of them, but most people are missing a lot in each of them, says Harv.

Especially the Right Knowledge.

They simply have bad information because most people are trained to earn a living.

The knowledge that you have learned will earn you a living.

Maybe a decent living which is great, but it’s not Harv’s style, that’s for sure.

Harv loves being rich.

And he encourages you and everyone and sundry to go for wealth.

Go for rich, not just a little, but a lot.


Firstly, it will take the heat off of you because it takes as much time, energy and effort to make a living, as it does to get rich - there’s no difference.

Your money blueprint determines your wealth. -T. Harv Eker

It’s just a question of what you’re doing, says Harv.

Secondly, most people are good people by heart and part of what determines your financial situation is how you manage your money and in particular, what you give and make available in your ‘Give’ jar.

If you’re using the Jars Money Management System, you'll know what Harv’s talking about.

Giving either 5% or 10% to others to help them not only feels great but makes a huge difference to the person or people receiving it.

The more you make, the more you can give, the greater of an impact you have and that goes a long way.

If you’re earning $100,000 a year, and you give away $10K of your money, that’s a huge chunk of your lifestyle you’re donating.

But if you earn a million dollars a year, Harv says that you don’t even feel it, you barely know that 5 or 10% of your money has gone somewhere else!

So you’re invited to put your ‘wealth glasses’ on, stop thinking small, and set your goal to get rich.

If you go for wealth and you use the strategies Harv teaches, and you execute them correctly, and you make sure you nurture the right habits, they will work and he says that you will get rich.

And if for some reason you blow it because you lost focus, or for whatever reason, if you set your sights on making millions and end up making only $400,000, Harv reminds you that you’re still much better off than what you were.

You can still live on that.

But if you set your intention on making $100K and you blow it, you might end up making only $50K and you can’t really live on that, can you?

Don’t waste your time thinking small, Harv insists.

The problem isn’t that your goals are too high and you miss them.

The problem is that your goals are too low and you hit them!

Raise them up, he urges.

Set the goal to earn at least $1,000,000 this year.

If you’re earning around $300K now, you might be able to get to a million in a year.

If you’re earning less, you might be able to get up to $300K in a year and you can learn HOW.

It might take you 2 or 3 years to achieve your big goal, but if you don’t set it, you won’t achieve it.

And even if you don’t make a million this year, you’ll be much closer to that number if you follow Harv’s success formula and think big, as opposed to doing nothing differently.

You'll have to learn how to pick the Right Vehicle, how to acquire the Right Knowledge, and how to be the Right You to achieve that goal.

To create a million dollar business. you may want to learn how to create million dollar business ideas too.

Here are 2 strategies on how to come up with these ideas:

#01. Don’t look for opportunities...

Your mind’s not attracted to that word, says Harv.

Here’s what your mind is attracted to… Problems.

Your mind’s a fear-based protective mechanism and its primary job is survival.

It’s always looking for problems and you’re a professional at finding problems.

So that’s what you can focus on - find the problems in products and services.

Create improvement to these problems.

There are billions of products and services and all of them have problems.

And all of those problems can be improved and therein, says Harv, lies your ‘opportunity’.

#02. Timing is everything...

Every time a law is changed, whether it’s a bylaw, a zoning law, or a national law, it doesn’t matter what law it is, people get wealthy.

As an example, when the law in California changed and made it compulsory for every place of business to display CPR posters, one of Harv’s students caught onto the change.

The following day, he printed posters, laminated them, and went door to door with the posters and the newspaper clipping that showed the changed law, deadline date, and subsequent fines for not having posters displayed.

Not a single person turned him away and Harv says he made a killing!

When tax codes change, accountants have a wide open door to run workshops on educating people on the new tax codes.

Laws are changing all the time, and this means potential mega wealth for you, according to Harv.

With every change new products, and services, and quality controls are required.

How to Make Millions? Don’t Make it Hard!

Have the Right Knowledge, the Right Vehicle, and be the Right You, is all Harv’s saying...

Do you have the Right Marketing, Negotiation, and Business in General Knowledge?

Do you understand the strategies required to put things together in a way that will produce wealth for you in your specific business?

There are methodologies that will help you do this and methodologies that will keep you struggling for the rest of your life.

Start thinking bigger and worst-case scenario, you’ll end up making more this year than you did in the last few years, says Harv.

If you’re starting your business this year, Harv urges you to avoid these 2 pitfalls…

#01. Don't Wait

Don’t wait until you have all the money gathered, says Harv, as by the time you’ve ‘raised all the funds’ you could have already made your first million.

Learn how to start any business with no money, how to raise any amount of capital you require without asking anybody for money or financing, and do it in a way that earns you money while you’re raising money.

#02. Systemize

Once you start your business, if you’re still involved in doing everything yourself after a year, you’re missing the point of business ownership, according to Harv.

Sure when you just start out, doing everything yourself is a given as you have to know your operation inside out.

But then you have to systemize your business by installing effective business systems so that your business can work without you, he adds.

If there’s an area of your business where you have to be present for it to work, that’s the area of the business where you are the cog and the wheel.

You have to slowly but surely systemize your business in such a way where everything is being done without you eventually.

First, Harv says that every task is done with you.

Then, most tasks are done with you and some are without you, a 50/50 split is quite acceptable.

After that, you can do about a quarter of the work and the other 75% can be done by other people and technology.

Then you can do 10% of the work, and everything and everyone else can do the remaining 90% of the work.

Finally, you’ll just be on the side to check in, follow up, and provide support from the beach or on vacation because everything can now be done without you.

Then Harv mentions that you’ll know 2 things…

Your business is working for you, instead of you working for your business which means that you own a business instead of a freakin’ job, and…

You’re finally on your way to creating true wealth.

Now, let’s analyze Harv’s infographic to learn how you can optimize your efficiency:


Courtesy infographic from Harv Eker International

Infographic Analysis

It may sound counterintuitive to achieve more while working less, but Harv begs to differ, so let’s explore his infographic to see how he applies this principle:

#01: Reconnect by Disconnecting

Unplugging from your work day and on weekends to spend quality time enjoying family, friends, and things you love doing is essential to maintain balance.

#02: Focus on Your Goals

Life is full of distractions and if you don’t practice focus, it’s easy to get lost in the busyness of external demands that have a way of eating holes into your time.

So make sure to set and achieve goals by using something as helpful as the Big Rocks method to effectively prioritize and optimize your time so you can get the most out of your days.

#03: Maintain A Workout Schedule

Everything worth having requires practice and you’ll do well to train your brain as hard as you train your body.

So schedule into your calendar the necessary time for daily mental and physical exercise to keep both your mind and your body in a state of health.

#04: Create Daily Plans

You might be familiar with the phrase ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’, and to prevent an unnecessary series of unforeseen events, consider starting your day by listing the tasks you’d like to complete so you can prioritize your time accordingly.

#05: Break Up Your Work Day

Blocking out your time to get tasks done in shorter segments that help you maintain focus and energy can help you stay energized during the day, especially when you ensure to schedule regular breaks too.

#06: Take Time to Reflect

There is so much value in journaling as you keep a record of your thoughts, achievements, and aspirations.

Make some time for reflection so you can analyze what’s working well, and what you have to be grateful for.

Conclusion: Intend the Success You Desire

Maybe you’re familiar with this: ‘What I hear, I tend to forget. What I see, I tend to remember. What I do, I understand.’

It’s important that you take action and apply the principles and strategies you learn here.

Or at the very least, draft some kind of plan and set some goals because if Harv could go from totally depressed and destitute to becoming a millionaire in under 3 years, then so can you.

And if you’re not living your best, richest, happiest, and most successful life right now, it’s simply because there’s something you don’t know yet.

You’re going for wealth because you don’t have the time to waste on mediocrity.

Inevitably your income will increase incrementally but keep in mind that you’re not aiming for $100K, your goal is to earn $1 million this year.

Choose the strategies that will get you there, that will teach you how to make millions.

Harv’s strategies are designed to do exactly that and if you’re willing to work hard, which you’d have to do anyway, for 3 years, you may never have to work again for the rest of your life, unless you really choose to.

Go big, choose freedom, choose wealth, and learn how.

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How can I earn millions?

By applying principles and strategies that work to create wealth, managing what you wish to keep, and adopting millionaire money habits, you can spend the same amount of time and effort you would in a normal job, doing things differently and make millions.

One such strategy is Harv’s success formula: RV > RK > RY = SUCCESS.

Can you make millions in one year?

If you’re wise and calculating about it, yes you can.

Set the goal to earn at least $1,000,000 this year.

If you’re earning around $300K now, you may be able to get to a million in a year, spending on the strategies and principles you implement.

If you’re earning less, you’ll still make more this year than you would have if you set a lower goal.

Follow the wisdom of successful people who have succeeded before you - you will always find what you actively seek.

How can I become a millionaire fast?

Fast is not always best, but smart will get you there faster than the roundabout ways that don’t work.

T. Harv Eker’s strategies are designed to help you go from broke to millionaire in 3 years.

If you’re going to work hard, you might as well get rich, and even when you know how to make millions, it will take you the same amount of time, the same amount of effort, and the same amount of blood, sweat, and tears as a normal mediocre paying job would.

If you do it Harv’s way, and you commit to 3 years of diligence, focus, and commitment, you will never have to work again for the rest of your life, unless you really choose to.

And one key part of keeping the wealth you build is to nurture millionaire money habits.

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