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3 Secrets About Mastering Fear That Can Make You Rich

Mastering fear is a skill like any other, that can be learned and requires practice.

Our fears are rooted deep in the subconscious.

Some of them are not relevant due to timing, while others are merely programmed propaganda.

Regardless of what they are, living a meaningful life is possible even in their presence.

Being fearless does not mean that you never experience fear, it simply means that you don’t allow it to stop you from achieving your goals.

Trainer, Speaker, and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker has helped countless individuals triumph over limitations and is a living example of the principles he teaches.  

What he shares stems from what he has observed, experienced, and applied.  

His wealth is balanced in equal measure to all aspects of his life and he is as rich as he is fulfilled, secure & happy.  

If you’d like to be fearless too, read on.

living fearlessly & fully

Living your best life means being the master of your fears.

Fear steals your desire and drive.  

Many people don’t even know what they want because being confronted with acknowledging it terrifies them.

Some people believe their fear when it whispers they can’t get what they want, are not deserving of what they want, or would ruin it once they have it.

Allowing fear to rule you, kills your confidence, creativity, and your ability to draw your desires closer.

I’m not saying eliminate fear completely as some of them serve the purpose of self-preservation.  

What I am saying is that you are the creator of your best life and you must learn how living with your terror is worlds apart from letting it run the show.

don’t let fear control you

How Do You Know Fear Is Holding You Back?

Fear is ever-present, and for some, it’s the dominating theme.  

How can you identify whether or not trepidation is restraining you?

Firstly, take inventory of your life. How are you managing in these areas?

  • Money
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Happiness and Fulfillment

Where there’s an imbalance and your life is not most favorable, fear likely has a hand in it.  

Most problems have solutions, just like skills can be learned.

Therefore if you aren’t solving your own problems and you’re not expanding the skills required for success, something else is present, getting in your way.  

The reality that some people triumph over remarkable challenges to achieve success is evidence that visible factors are not the cause. 

This then means that the obstacle is hidden within us.  

fear & freedom are within you

Secondly, to better understand how your fear is controlling you, ask yourself:

  • Do you know with clarity what you want in life?
  • Do you feel capable of getting it?
  • Do you feel certain you’ll really like it?
  • Do you believe others will approve of you when you get it?
  • Do you make plans and act on them consistently?
  • Are you good at making decisions?
  • Are you okay with trying things and failing?

If you answered no to any of these questions, fear is likely blocking your path.

fear blocks your path

Don’t Allow Fear To Run Your Life

How are your life results impacted by fear?  

Well, it’s destructive of course.

Fear can hold you hostage in an intimate grapple of scarcity and insignificance.  

It keeps you broke or your head barely above water and disables you from achieving anything resembling wealth.

Fear can halt you from taking action on how you contribute to the lives of others and from making a huge impact in this world.  

It’ll keep you depressed and stressed, claiming a massive toll on your health.

It leaves you unfulfilled, immersed in remorse, and prevents you from firing your boss, launching your enterprise, and networking or marketing your talents.

It curtails your confidence so deeply that you avoid making friends, talking to strangers, or saying yes to a date that could seal the deal with your potential soulmate if only you could find your voice and speak to them.

In short, fear can stop you from getting anything meaningful and desirable you can think of if you let it.

fear is a toxic thief

The Power Of Mastering Fear

On the flip side, taking control of your fear liberates and energizes you to start working towards your goals in addition to attracting your desires with the complete capacity of your energy and mind.

own your fear

You embody a warrior spirit and a do-whatever-it-takes demeanor to create your most desired life.  

You’ll be able to envision your life clearly as you’re not hiding from the truth.  

You’ll unleash your creativity as you address challenges with confidence instead of overwhelm.

You will easily experience enthusiasm and excitement in your relationships, work, and your life in general.

You won’t postpone your happiness until after your goals are achieved.

Instead, you’ll be enjoying your journey, knowing you are getting to where you really want to be.

And because you achieve your goals quicker and easier, you’ll set regular new goals.

mastering fear empowers you to control your life

3 Ways To Achieve Success Through Taming Fear

If you’re wondering how your mastering of fear has such a major impact on your life, take a look at how Harv explains it:

  1. A lighter load...
    Imagine setting out on a mountain hike with a backpack full of junk unrelated to hiking.
    The climb is tough enough but damn near impossible with luggage weighing you down and draining your energy.
    You’re sweaty and exhausted.
    Now imagine this hike without that dead weight.
    You’ll be gliding!
  2. More brain-power...
    Physically it becomes hard to think creatively, clearly, or productively when blood flow cuts off from the rational part of the brain.
    When you’re confident, happy, and relaxed, it’s way easier to get everything done, so is communicating effectively with those most significant in your life.
  3. Less second-guessing...
    You’ll waste less time worrying about which are the right choices to make and spend more time on actually living & doing what brings you fulfillment and progress.

taming fear has endless benefits

How to Master Your Fear & Create Your Best Life

No doubt you’re wondering how to start your journey of mastering fear so you can start living instead of surviving.

The 3 essential keys to no longer being the prisoner of fear are: 

Awareness  -  Understanding  -  Rewiring 

Identify your fear, confront it and create the thoughts, habits, and reactions that free you from the shackles of this monster. 

And since you’re painfully aware of where you are now and understand the dynamics better, what’s left?

work on mastering fear


To reprogram yourself around the fear and start living your life your way, there are two things you must do.

  1. Change how you react - respond to what you think
  2. Have a clear vision of what your ultimate best life looks like

You’re not going anywhere if you don’t know where you’re going, are you?  

You don’t simply wander off hoping to reach a particular destination!  

You must have a goal destination, be it a gym or a restaurant, so you can draw a map of how to get there.

be here now with clarity

Conclusion:  Mastering Fear is Mastering Yourself

The only power you have is in the present moment, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but now.

From the habit of joy, stems the habit of success and when you realize that happiness is a choice, you have a much easier time learning how to develop a millionaire mindset than you would if you choose to give in to fear and allow it to remain your master.

Reclaim your life force and start thinking about your presence in terms of Power, not prejudice.  

Be realistic about what scares you and overcome it by taking decisive action to change your attitude towards what you consider terrors and how you relate to them.

Add the secret 3 weapons of awareness, understanding and rewiring to your arsenal against fear as you embrace a warrior's spirit and enjoy the life of your dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mastering Fear

Has your Mind ever wondered...

How do you master fear?

The 3 essential keys to no longer being the prisoner of fear are awareness, understanding and rewiring.

Identify your fear, confront it and create the thoughts, habits, and responses that free you from the shackles of this monster. 

And since you’re painfully aware of where you are now and understand the dynamics better, what’s left is rewiring.

What are the 3 primal fears?

Fear of failure, abandonment and death are the fundamental fears, all encompassed by fear of the unknown, fear of powerlessness and underpinned by the fear of loss.

What is the highest degree of fear?

Horror and terror imply what people generally perceive as the highest degrees of fear, depending on the situation.

Many people are terrified of failure, others are horrified by loss.

At the base of fear is the idea of significant loss, which increases the degree of fear one experiences based on the amount of value or meaning attached to what they fear losing.

What are 3 causes of fear?

The future, and imagined events that often hold no bearing on the present moment can create fear, as well as the unknown, based on a sense that one has no control over the outcome of a situation.

Specific environments and conditions such as heights, spiders, and small spaces to name a few general fears, often based on a prior bad experience or belief of impending doom associated with it also cause fear-based mindsets.

However, in the context of the business of trade and industry, and also in the context of the business of being human, the belief that there is a chance of losing money, health, opportunities, assets, rapport, self-worth and such, with the possibility of not recovering.

This perception of potential for loss without recovering can create paralyzing fear within many people who tremble at the thought of not succeeding.

But if you learn how to tame fear, you can start focusing on the potential of what could go right for you instead of fearing the future.

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