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10 Helpful Morning Habits of Successful People That Work

How you choose to spend your mornings has a major impact on your productivity and effectiveness for the rest of the day and almost all successful people agree on this.

And, it’s for this reason that the habits of successful people are specifically set morning routines that they follow to guarantee they start their day off on the right foot.

You are your habits, and highly successful people are in the habit of starting their day off with a great morning ritual.

Multimillionaire and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker is no exception to this rule, and no stranger to both bad and good habits.

After spending decades broke, he finally understood that it was his habitual thinking and acting patterns that meant the difference between being broke and being rich.

He’s helped thousands of individuals become leaders in their field and to this day, he still helps to create more and more successful people through his teachings. 

If you’d like to learn more about Harv’s simple steps to happiness, success, and wealth beyond measure, you’ll enjoy his message.

What Do Successful People Do?

Does the name Gary Vaynerchuk ring a bell in the investor and entrepreneur sphere for you?

This man follows a dedicated 3-hour morning routine to prepare him for his day and this habit also clears his path for daily success.

World-renowned speaker and trainer, Tony Robbins, kicks off his day with a swim or a cryotherapy tank session.

To take a breather from Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg hits the gym or sets off on a run with his dog at least 3 mornings each week.

Harv asserts that becoming successful and wealthy isn’t simply a single new habit you can start today to end up rich tomorrow. 

Rather, it’s about your daily habits and rituals accumulating over time to produce massive change and in so doing, creating a stable enjoyable life, he adds.

The habits of successful people who achieve the highest levels of victory all reiterate the same message - ‘routine keeps you productive’, says Harv.

Routine is the Habit of Successful People

Have a look at Harv’s top tips on the kind of morning routine you can adopt that will help you smash it from the moment you rise so you can experience your results going from mediocre to exceptional.

How many of the millionaire morning habits that you see below are common practices in your day?

Courtesy infographic from Harv Eker International

Infographic Analysis

Let’s explore what Harv lists as Morning Habits of Successful People and consider how adding what’s missing from your current morning routine can help you get an edge because let’s face it…

It’s not perfection that you’re after, it’s optimization and if you start your day strong, chances are that you’ll finish your day in the same way and build the habit of daily success with each passing day:

#01 - Waking Up Early

  • According to Harv, half of self-made millionaires rise 3 hours before the start of their workday
  • Because they have busy lives and know that time’s precious, taking advantage of the earlier hours in the morning helps them prioritize personal care and preparation for their day

#02 -  Meditation

  • Harv agrees with so many other successful people who participate in this practice that a morning meditation can maximize your productivity beyond 100%
  • He recommends the habit of meditation, even as little as 5 minutes in the early hours, to help you set the tone for your day, reduce stress, build focus, and set intentions for your day’s goals

#03 - Exercising

  • Harv insists that exercising in the morning enhances clarity and focus, sustained energy during your day as well as the quality of your sleep when the day is done
  • This is because the body and mind work together as a whole, which is why successful people prioritize daily exercise

#04 - Skipping Screentime

  • High-performance research will back Harv up with his statement that many hours of productivity are lost due to people looking at their phones
  • This is why successful people avoid the time-wasting habit of scrolling on their phones immediately after waking up
  • Harv suggests spending at least the first hour of your day screen-free

#05 - Eating Healthy Breakfasts

  • Harv advocates for a healthy lifestyle and breakfasts are no exception - he believes that good food at the start of the day does wonders for productivity and short-term memory
  • The emphasis is on food being fuel for your body and successful people know that a higher nutrient intake equates to better energy and performance for both body and mind

#06 - Reading

  • According to Harv, reading facilitates the processing of information which improves productivity
  • Not only does 20-30 minutes of morning reading help you get better at reading and taking in information, but it also helps you start your day with renewed motivation and fresh ideas

#07 - The To-Do List

  • Harv believes that the brain remembers what we write down better which increases the likelihood of getting these things done
  • He recommends setting your priorities on a doable, not an overly ambitious list to make sure you can start working on achieving your goals immediately

#08 - Tough Tasks First

  • Harv mentions there’s research showing that, over the long run, people who habitually tackle difficult tasks before taking care of the easier ones, tend to be more productive
  • He recommends that, because human willpower is at its strongest in the mornings, you check off an important task first to make the remainder of your daily tasks seem simpler

#09 - Recharging Your Motivation

  • One thing that Harv repeats regularly about success is that crystal clarity on your purpose, or your WHY is what helps you keep you focused on achieving your goals
  • Starting your day by revisiting your purpose and goals, or repeating a motivational mantra that helps you get out of bed excited about your day can help you maintain momentum because business can still be hard even if you love what you do  

#10 - Visualizing Success

  • Harv attributes 60% of confidence to visualization of one’s business and financial goals which he believes increases the likelihood of achieving them
  • By starting your day with visualization, Harv says you train your brain to accomplish what you see

You are what you do, not what you say you'll do. -Carl Gustav Jung

How inspired are you feeling right about now?

And it’s actually true…

Regardless of what your goals are, if you take steps to master your mornings, you will be more successful in the most surprising ways.

Harv knows this because Harv does this, and so do thousands of his students.

Of course, he desires the same destiny of success for you too!

All that is required is for you to make a choice, then to identify what’s holding you back, and finally to triumph over it.

And a great start is to change your morning habits, says Harv.

There is no better way to set your day up for success than to wake up with a great attitude and a plan of action to set the tone for what’s to come, he adds.

Own your habits and you own your life because if you're not spending your time doing what you love, are you truly living?

When you master the habit of steering your thoughts, Harv asserts that you will have victory over every area of your life.

Envision creating your ultimate life, filled with more money, better relationships, improved health, and greater freedom.

If you’re still reading, you’re ready to learn all the strategies to become the master you truly are.

Because all you desire is already within you, you simply have to learn how to unleash it by increasing your inner strength and building the self-confidence to take on whatever challenge arises in the face of your success.

According to Harv, it takes clarity, and decisive, focused commitment to be who you truly are, and it’s worth your time and every success you hunger for, to embrace your inner warrior in spite of fears.

He recommends that you start mastering your mornings and join the ranks of successful people who lead the way to a better tomorrow every day.

Conclusion: A New Day, A New Opportunity

With each sunrise, you have a fresh start.

You can’t do much about yesterday, and your tomorrow will depend upon the action you take today, in this present moment.

Since the results in our lives are a testament to our habits and choices, you can make sure to create the kind of life you truly desire.

Look at your habits in the way you think, the way you talk, the way you act, and consider what must change in order for you to become a successful person who happily thrives and makes this world a better place.

You’ll find that you’re far more powerful than you might think, and once you monitor your thinking, and start mastering your mind, you’ll be amazed at how simple it can be to achieve what you once believed was beyond your reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Successful People

Has your Mind ever wondered…

Who are 3 successful people?

In their respective fields, the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Mark Zuckerberg, and T. Harv Eker are great examples to model as they all practice the habits of successful people not as a quick fix, but as a way of life.

The results are evident as you won’t find that they waste their time on meaningless endeavors.

What kind of people are the most successful?

The kind of person who practices the habit of mastery of self will master life in short order.

The habits of successful people start with their morning routine, as they set the day up to achieve their goals.

They also set up their mind, body, and spirit to be a vessel worthy of receiving the success they’re working towards.

In the same way that good fences make good neighbors, one of the winning habits of successful people is that they have strong boundaries to sustain their happiness, wealth, and success.

They say yes only to what is worthy of their time and resources, have high standards, and don’t let fear stand in their way!

You can learn how to stop being afraid to say no to what is not in alignment with your best life too, so you can start saying YES to what is critical to your success!

Are successful people happier?

Successful people understand that success follows happiness.

Therefore they prioritize their happiness and don’t waste time on anything that does not bring them freedom and wealth in all its forms.

Maintaining balance is something successful people have become masters at and if you’d like to learn how to develop a millionaire mindset that will help you achieve and keep this balance, you’re in the right place.

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