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How to Achieve Your Millionaire Money Mindset

Most people struggle to resolve their internal conflict around personal self-worth, their ingrained beliefs and overall money mindset.

But that war can stop today, if you’re willing to do what New York Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker did.

Not only did Harv learn the secrets to overcoming this exact same internal struggle, but he has taught countless students to evolve their thinking in the same way…

To develop a millionaire money mindset.

Are you ready to trade your negative, unsupportive and limiting mindset around money for real power?

Then read on!

A Poor Money Mindset Believes in Limitations

I’m sure you’re no stranger to limiting beliefs around money, and they often sound like this:

“Money is the root of all evil!”

“Rich People are greedy!”

Whether you’ve heard someone say it or whether you believe it yourself, that kind of thinking isn’t going to get you rich.

Would it surprise you to know that the way you feel about money, and how you think about money determines in large part what you decide and how you perceive money?

Now consider your chances of ever becoming wealthy if you believe that rich people are full of greed and that money’s evil.

Can you see yourself becoming ‘like them’ or having ‘a lot of that’?


You’ll never get rich if you believe that ‘money = bad’.

But it’s not money that’s the issue here.

Nor is it the problem you’re confronted with.

To filter it down to it’s purest form, the issue is…

Your Mind.

Because everything’s neutral until you make a judgment and give ‘IT’ meaning.

Your belief, or your mindset, is what gives everything in life, including money, context.

Rich folks are not bad.

Poor folks are not bad.

But the mindset about money and wealth is what turns it into something ‘evil’ here.

Harv often speaks to his students about solving this internal conflict around a limiting money mindset as many of them believe at the start of their journey that money’s evil, although they do have a desire to build wealth.

See, over time anyone can build up resistance to wealth by developing unhealthy beliefs around money and it’s those unhealthy thoughts that could impair their capacity to get rich. 

The Origin of Your Money Mindset

Understanding where your money beliefs come from is as important as acknowledging them.

Where did it start?

Who taught you that money’s ‘bad’?

What experiences did you have that created adverse feelings about wealth?

You must reconstruct your beliefs around money to retrain yourself, as well as your money mindset.

If/when you become rich, who would YOU be?

Would you be greedy, or a 'bad' rich person?

Or would you be generous and help other people who require assistance when you are financially in a position to do so?

Because if you choose the latter, then being rich is not a ‘bad’ thing and like everything else in life, it is what you make it to be.

So if your money mindset is experiencing internal conflict because of what you believe, it’s time to proactively take steps to improve those beliefs.

Become aware of your limiting, non-supportive beliefs related to wealth and money and change them into supportive ones.

4 Steps to Upgrade to a Millionaire Money Mindset

Here’s how you can rewrite your financial story and strengthen your money mindset right now.

#01. Let Past Money Mistakes Go

Harv could talk forever about the money mistakes he made when he was younger.

He made tons of financial decisions in his past that he wished he could erase or do over.

But life doesn’t work that way.

All anyone can do now is to use what you’ve learned from those past experiences to help you make better financial decisions today.

Once Harv accepted the financial failures in his past, he was able to move forward, but it did require a change of mindset from him.

For Harv, starting with a new attitude towards money was a breath of fresh air.

And he highly recommends that you do the same thing.

Let your financial failures be where they belong, in the past, and start moving forward!

That’s the first step to upgrading your money mindset.

Accepting past money mistakes will help you to move on.

#02 Eliminate the Scarcity Mindset

What’s the ‘Scarcity Mindset’?

It’s the limiting belief that there’s never enough.

Your limiting and conditioned mind believes that regardless of what you do, there will never ever be enough.

But what you might not know yet is that, in just about every case, this is simply not true.

There’s always enough.

There always will be enough.

It might not be precisely what you had in mind, or entirely what you like or exactly what you desire.

But the ‘needs’ you have will be met.

Contrary to the ‘Scarcity Mindset’ is the 'Abundance Mindset’.

Relating to money in a healthy way and getting closer to financial freedom by viewing your life and everything in it through the lens of abundance is a game-changer.

Shift your mindset from lack to abundance.

#03. Reflect Gratitude

Appreciate everything you already have.

Deliberately look around.

Acknowledge it.

Recognize it.

Show thanks for it.

The power of gratitude has a remarkable way of affecting your attitude favorably where you'll always seek and find the good, the hopeful and the positive in situations regardless of what’s happening around you.

Yes, I hear you…

Expressing gratitude is often difficult especially during hard times.

But remember that the more you focus on the ‘positive’, the more it will expand and the smaller the ‘negative’ things become until they all but vanish.

Being thankful for what you have will help you stay positive.

#04. Commit to What You Desire

The #1 reason the majority of people don’t ‘get what they want’ is because they don’t actually know what it is they ‘want’.

There are extreme differences between rich and poor people in terms of mindset.

Rich people are completely clear that they desire wealth and are unwavering in this desire.

They’re also fully committed to do what it takes to create their wealth, provided it’s moral, ethical and legal.

Rich people don’t send the universe mixed messages.

Poor people unfortunately do.

How would you like to live your life?

How would you like to play the game?

Would you like to continue playing little leagues or start playing in the big leagues… in the minors or in the majors?

Will you play small or will you play big?

Would you like to live life at level 10?

The choice is yours.

Make it.

Figure out what you want and commit to getting it.

Conclusion: Change Your Life With a Millionaire Money Mindset!

What’s standing in your way?

Why aren’t you living the life of your dreams yet?

Are limiting beliefs and a poor money mindset holding you back from success?

Maybe you don’t know this yet…

A belief is just that… only a belief.

And you have free will to change what you believe whenever you so choose.

Whatever your reasons are for being stuck and not living your dream life yet, you have the opportunity now to make the necessary changes.

If you’d like to learn how and among other essential things, the two critical words in every millionaire’s vocabulary, then join Harv as a special guest for his free web class by clicking below:


Frequently Asked Questions About a Money Mindset

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What is the mindset of money?

Consider your attitude towards money, what you truly believe about money and how you relate to it.

Your money mindset is defined by your relationship with money, how you value it, think about it and what you do with it.

Your money mindset also influences whether or not you manage your money well which in turn reflects your financial success.

What is the best mindset for money?

To develop a millionaire money mindset takes practice, and by taking these 4 steps daily you can change your unfavorable money mindset into a wealth magnet.

Step 1 - Forgive yourself for any money mistakes you made in the past - move on and use your experiences as lessons.

Step 2 - Replace your ‘Scarcity Mindset’ with an ‘Abundance Mindset’ because there really is enough for everyone to go around.

Step 3 - Show genuine appreciation for what you do have and live a powerful life of gratitude because, why would the universe give you more if you’re not grateful for what you have now?

Step 4 - Commit to getting what you desire and do what it takes to be successful as long as it’s legal, ethical and moral.

What is a bad money mindset?

Poor habits and thoughtless financial behaviors left unchecked will not only prevent you from getting rich and building wealth, but it cripples your efforts at a stable successful balanced happy life.

What is the millionaire mindset?

A Millionaire Mindset is a mentality that is free of victimhood and focused on personal responsibility, excellence, success, wealth creation and balance.

More than being financially sound, the benefits of a millionaire mindset enhance every area of your life for the better.

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