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How To Be Good Enough & Make Fear Work For You

If you fear that you’re not good enough to be an entrepreneur, think again.

Being an entrepreneur requires courage, taking risks, mastering new skills, and building relationships.

You must believe in the value of what you have to offer and you must be able to show it to others.

This lifestyle forces growth within you, which tends to bring up much fear for many people.

One such person was Multimillionaire and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker when he first started out.

And what he learned is that courage has nothing to do with not being afraid, but everything to do with facing your fears and maintaining momentum nonetheless.

The same fears that plague most business people, plagued Harv too.

And from that long list of fears, Harv insists that there are two of them you simply, absolutely, and most indubitably have to manage, or they WILL stop you dead in your tracks, so let’s explore what he says:

Fear #01: I Am… Not Good Enough

According to Harv, and you may have noticed this trend too, we are shown daily reminders of people who ‘look like’ they’re so much better than we are.

They have more money, more success, more youth, greater fitness, better looks and it just seems they have everything we don’t.

Whether you’re passing a billboard, watching celebrities on a TV show, or going through your social media and spotting a Facebook Friend’s sojourn photos, Harv states that they’re all really sending the same message…

“Look how great I am and how good I have it. Don’t you wish you were me?”

Many people receive this message and then compare their real life of ups and downs to that, and then what happens?

If you allow your mind to go down that rabbit hole, Harv warns you that it could kill more than your business drive.

You end up feeling weak and insignificant, and so deep in a rut that you think you’ll never see the light of day again.

So let’s have a look at how it all works, and then we can fix it.

Harv believes that this fear of ‘not being good enough’ emerges in two ways that appear as polar opposites:

The fear of failure, and the fear of success.

When you have a fear of failure, you’re primarily thinking of external forces you have no control over, says Harv.

However, history is filled with people prevailing over great adversity and in turn, creating colossal success.

Because, when you focus on what you can control, you’re not limiting yourself to fear, but if you are controlled by the fear of failure...

What you’re essentially believing is… “I’m not good enough to overcome the challenges that will come up.” 

And the fear of success is no different, he adds.

It means that you doubt yourself to be good enough to triumph over new challenges that will arise once you’ve achieved some level of success.

We’ll look at how Harv suggests you conquer this challenge in a moment, but first, let’s talk about the other great fear plaguing entrepreneurs.

Fear #02: I Am… Not Going to Be Loved

This is profound.

Human beings have ancient codes embedded in our brains that are incredibly powerful, often seeing survival and approval as the very same thing, says Harv.

Our ancestors learned that there is value in living and working together, and we evolved socially because of this.

We therefore also learned to conform to rules and to certain standards, Harv adds.

Because to be ‘different’ could mean being ‘rejected’ and being ‘rejected’ could potentially mean getting booted out of your group, which could mean becoming a wild animal’s lunch.

So Harv asserts that our conditioned minds, with the will and determination to ensure our survival and keep us safe, will tell us…

“Do NOT stand out.

Do NOT be different.

Just FIT IN.

Be like everyone else so they’ll like us and we won’t DIE!”

With this dominating fear that’s been so deeply ingrained, Harv jests that it’s astounding that some of our species dare to endeavor greatness.

Yet, we do!

The secret, he asserts, is to not allow fear to obstruct us and to instead, use it as motivation.

How to Let Fear Fuel Your Business Success

You have your own fears, and they may be different kinds of fear, or at different levels of fear in relation to others, but by virtue of the fact that YOU have those fears, only YOU can turn your fears into fuel for success.

“What if people think I’m a fake?”

“What if I make a fool of myself?”

“What will my friends think if I do what I really want?”

These questions all say the exact same thing: “I’m afraid no one will love me.”

And there is ONE simple shift in mindset you have to make to get this fear to work for you, instead of allowing it to work against you, says Harv.

Are you sure you’re ready for it?

Here it is…

You will be your most lovable self when you are doing what you love!

Consider this for a moment…

Despite the eagerness to conform, Harv conveys that most people are magnetically drawn to others who live with gusto, and with passion.

We humans love seeing joyful people doing what they care for the most while they’re living out their dreams.

So if you’re truly afraid of not being loved, then the absolute worst things you could do is to avoid taking risks, to stay small, and to resist doing what your heart desires most.

Harv’s students use the millionaire mind declarations to transform their self-sabotaging habits.

And Harv believes that declarations are highly effective because you're communicating with the universe, so he suggests you try one out now…

Stand up and declare this next line out loud five times:

“I do what I love so others can experience the most lovable me.”

Great job!

Now let’s address ‘not feeling good enough’...

Call to mind a person who’s been super successful, whether in life or in business, or both.

Have you got that person?

Harv will guarantee you one thing…

When they first started out, they weren’t ‘good enough’ for the success they would eventually achieve.

Every master was once a disaster. 

This is true for Harv, and it is true for anyone who has ever done something exceptional.

Guess who didn’t make the high school basketball team?

Michael Jordan.

Guess who was thought to be terrible at math?

Albert Einstein.

Guess who couldn’t speak, see or hear?

Helen Keller.

But these people were driven, Harv emphasizes.

They had the drive to get bigger, to get better, and to get stronger.

What did Jordan say he did after getting cut?

He said he started working harder.

He added that, when exhaustion got to him and the thought crossed his mind to stop, he would close his eyes to envision that list in the locker room that didn’t have his name on it…

And that helped him press forward, Harv adds.

Now here’s something that is often omitted from Jordan’s story.

He didn’t make the varsity team immediately, he did however make the junior varsity team.

So it was through his commitment and hard work, says Harv, that he achieved star-player status which paved the way to his further successes.


Try This Exercise

1 - Start a record...

Harv suggests that you write down one thing that you ‘are good enough’ at to accomplish in your life or in your business today, or perhaps very soon.

Is it to land an interview on a podcast to grow your audience or your confidence?

Might it be to hire an assistant to take some administration duties off your plate to free up time for your other important priorities?

Could it be to get in a new client that will boost your revenue and experience?

2 - Plan ahead...

Now, Harv urges you to look ahead to five years from now.

What is it you care about achieving passionately - something you could potentially ‘become good enough’ at, with the right support, with the right practice, and with the right knowledge?

You’re meant to be dreaming big here and write it down!

Is it seven-figure earnings?

Or a New York Times best-selling book?

Maybe it’s touching 100 million lives all over the world with your work.

NOW let’s incorporate your big goal into a declaration of your own, making your dream far more powerful than your fear.

In the same way you did before, stand up and declare the next line out loud five times:

“I commit to becoming good enough for ____________ [your dream].”

When you are laser-focused on a single goal that you truly value, Harv believes that ‘fear of not being good enough’ transforms into the determination and firmness of purpose to BECOME good enough.

Step 2 of this exercise makes mention of “the right support, the right practice, and the right knowledge” and these critical factors can add years if not decades between you and your success.

So best you start your journey so you can arrive at the HOW that will make your next steps a reality.

Are you ready to make fear your fuel, and become successful because you’re willing to BECOME enough to be the person you have to be to claim your success because you believe you are worthy?

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right. -Henry Ford

Conclusion: Face the Fear Because You’re Good Enough

You are what you say you are, and with every internal dialogue, you program yourself to support the thoughts that are most prominent.

Everything that follows the phrase “I AM” is exactly what you send out to the universe.

Your conditioned mind will use every weapon its arsenal built up from past experiences to get in your way of change.

Will you allow it?

Repeat after me…

“I am unstoppable!”

And since you are your habits, and how you do anything is how you do everything when you are unstoppable in one area of your life, you will be unstoppable in every area of your life!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Being Good Enough

Has your Mind ever wondered…

Why don’t I think I'm good enough?

If you're convinced that you’re not good enough, your conditioned mind has been trained ad nauseam to believe it, although it’s not necessarily true.

Whether someone else drummed it into your head, or if it’s your self-talk that is destructive, this is your mind’s way of protecting you against even trying to fight against the lie.

If you don’t think you’re good enough to be appreciated, to start a business, to be successful in life, to be financially free, and to build wealth, you’ve got another thing coming.

There are 2 major fears to overcome in pretty well every situation in life, whether it’s with starting a new business or starting a new life…

And the great news is that you CAN overcome them!

Because every person who has ever done something extraordinary with their life has.

Those 2 fears are not being good enough and not being loved or approved of.

Thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions that produce results.

If you’re tired of getting the same old results, you’ll enjoy the exercise in this post.

And if you're ready to face your enemy, then learn how to tame fear and practice doing so until it becomes second nature.

What are signs you don't feel you are enough?

Many people struggle with impostor syndrome due to fear.

Fear of not being good enough, or fear of not being approved of.

You might experience burnout because you don’t allow yourself any time off and work relentlessly to gain approval, often saying yes when you should be saying no.

You may find that there’s always something you’re apologizing for as if your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ have no place in this world or are less important than the 'wants' and 'needs' of others.

And whether you’re right or wrong in a situation, you’ll still put yourself down and judge yourself very harshly for ‘mistakes’, forgetting that mistakes are merely lessons and not a prison sentence.

Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly.

If you’re a human being and you have a beating heart as you’re reading this, you are good enough.

Sure, we can all do with an upgrade, a bit of improvement, and a lot of help if we’re not where we’d like to be yet, and if you experience any of these signs you have to tackle this fear head-on if you'd like to create better circumstances.

And you can address this fear by learning how to get your conditioned mind to support you, rather than limit you.

How do you know you're good enough?

Everything in life is a result of what we think, feel, believe, and act on.

From our finances, assets, and careers to our circles of influence and relationships.

You are already good enough because you’re a heart-based human being who is here to achieve your greatest potential.

And you are no more and no less worthy of happiness, success, and wealth than anyone else.

The only thing standing in your way is your conditioned mind.

With some support and a good example to follow, you can unearth your unique gift to this world if living your best life is what you're after.

And if you believe you can be better, as we all can since there is always room for growth, then learn how to develop a millionaire mindset so you can start your transformation and unlock the ‘good enough YOU’ that has been hidden inside you all along!

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