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How To Find Your True Ambition to Make More Money

What is ambition really, and what does true ambition look like for you?

How can you achieve what you really desire in life?

Multimillionaire and Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, had tons of ambition but lacked a roadmap to achieving his goals.

After years of studying successful people, he developed effective strategies to use that skyrocketed his success and helped him achieve far more than his lofty goals.

What allowed Harv to maintain his enthusiasm and motivation on this journey?

Discover some interesting answers as well as a powerful exercise to help you define what true ambition is for you, relative to your own goals.

What Is Ambition Actually?

There are many ways to describe ambition.

A dictionary may define it as a ‘strong desire to do or achieve something’ or ‘the desire and determination to achieve success’.

There are different types of ambition and in essence, if you are striving to achieve something, you’ve got some ambition.

We all desire certain things, would like ideal outcomes and allocate a different set of values and meaning to what's important to us in life.

But one item that’s consistently on the top five list of things most people strive for though, is more money.

How Would You Define True Ambition for Yourself?

Having more money tends to make life a little more bearable and easier in many ways, at least from a financial and resources perspective.

With more money, there’s more you’re able to do.

And this power links to another desire connected to what most people have on their list of desires, which is greater happiness.

This basically includes greater joy, more freedom, more personal time and less stress about being financially secure.

Linking Your Ambition to Lasting Happiness

More money and greater happiness are things most people say the desire.

But most people barely get by on the income from their jobs and are also not financially free or financially secure.

In reality, even when their circumstances change and they’re offered a new position, they seldom consider the long-term...

That although they might be making ‘more money’ than before in this new job, it might still not be the best choice for them.

After all, which road does this new job put them on?

The road to financial freedom?

Or the road to retirement?

And to add to that, how long will it take to ‘get there’ when most people keep playing the money game the same way that they’ve been taught to?

So, overall, how joyful is it living this way?

Know Your WHY

After money, one other thing we tend to think of most about is our reason, our ‘WHY’.

Your ‘WHY’ is intimately related to your true ambition and begs these questions:

Why do you desire what you say you desire?

Do these things truly mean anything to you?

Are the the thoughts echoing in your head that of someone else that are imposed on you?

By defining what true ambition is to you, hopefully not.

Hopefully your ‘WHY’ is derived from own true spirit.

Harv’s Own True Ambition

Harv has always had the desire to be free.

Even though he loves what he does, he would hate it if someone else were forcing him to do what he does.

While he loves his career and his life, he understands better than anyone that nobody likes to be forced into doing anything.

Everyone, you, me, Harv, all and sundry have a desire to live life and live our true ambition by ‘choice’.

Additionally, this ‘choice’ must be supported by reasons that are true, honest and excite you to your very core.

When you make a choice, you’d like to feel like a kid jumping and clapping in anticipation of raw bliss.

practice & exercise

Your Powerful Exercise

In Harv’s experience of working with thousands upon thousands of people, more than 50% of those who complete this one simple action significantly improved their income within a year.

And if you’d like to double, triple or quadruple your own income, try this exercise:

Step #01- Importance

Write down what you desire.

It must be specific and clear.

And it must be 100% important to you.

Step #02 - Reason

Write at the very least 5 reasons WHY you desire what you desire.

Especially in terms of desiring ‘more money’. 

This will help you define your true ambition in accordance with your goals.

Step #03 - Action

Place your written desires and reasons on a wall or against a surface you can’t avoid.

This way you can see it regularly, be reminded all the time and it can be top of mind daily.

Now you can start doing something about putting your true ambition into motion.

Conclusion: More Is a Result

The results from this exercise are incredible.

But you must do your part by taking the first step.

It all begins with confirming your true ambition (or ambitions) and putting it front and center, deliberately in your consciousness.

As you set and achieve goals and go about checking them off your list, take a moment to savor how great it feels to be doing that.

But how does this make you more money?

Everything that happens is an effect, a result of a choice.

The difference between earning a living and earning a fortune is the amount of people you help.

Can you help anyone if you can't help yourself?

Of course not.

How can you make more money simply by knowing your true ambition?

The key is clarity, because with clarity comes commitment and follow through.

If you're clear on what you're ambitious about, and you know WHY you're doing what you do, you'll actively seek to develop yourself to become the person you must be to succeed.

You'll be paving your own way to what you desire most by nurturing the aspects of yourself that empower you to achieve your goals.

The more you know, the more you can do.

The more you practice, the better you become.

The more people you help, the more money you make.

And it all starts with your mindset.

If you’d like to make more money and live your true ambition meaningfully with purpose, you must develop the habits and characteristics that support success.

Your inner game shapes your outer game and if you’d like to learn more about mastering your inner game, complete your details below and learn how to create the life you desire most.


Frequently Asked Questions About True Ambition

Has your Mind ever wondered…

How do I find my true ambition?

Consider the driving forces behind your motivation to be doing what you’re doing, or to start doing something specific.

Base the reasons of your actions on the goals you have and if you don’t have any goals, set some.

Always have a reason, a big WHY to support your actions as this will help you focus and see it through.

Use Harv’s powerful exercise in this post to discover what your true ambition is and make sure to see the steps you’ve written down daily.

This way you can be reminded all the time of what’s important to you.

How do you say you are ambitious?

If you’d like to gauge or communicate how ambitious you truly are, mention the reasons WHY you desire to achieve the things you desire to accomplish.

Think about the actions required to get the needle moving so you can progress from one goal to the next and plan the steps you’ll be taking.

If you’re unsure about what to do next, model someone who has succeeded before you.

Follow T. Harv Eker’s steps in the powerful exercise in this post to determine your true ambition and kick start the process to doubling, tripling or quadrupling your income. 

What drives your ambition?

We are driven to do things to achieve a certain outcome.

Think about the goals you have, whether it’s having more money or more happiness, and start taking steps to achieve those outcomes.

What we desire is relevant to who we are, and you and I may not have the same ambition, goal or desired outcome but what is very true is that most people are driven by a big WHY.

So be honest about your reasons for having a desire to do anything, achieve anything, have or give away anything and create the kind of life you can be excited about.

Don’t allow your limited conditioned mind to keep you in limbo and learn instead how to develop a millionaire mindset.

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