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Why The Average Millionaire Mind Is A Wealth Hoax

In the professional sporting arena, much like with any career where an edge is required, there’s a mantra you may be familiar with… “Go hard or go home”.

Wealth Strategist and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker started out in the small leagues until he learned that “Go hard or go home” was his only ticket to the majors.

He shares his lessons so that you may have a convenient shortcut to success, that won’t take decades to yield a profit if you follow his principles.

Let’s see what Harv has to say about this average millionaire mind hoax.

Though it may sound ruthless, this magic mantra exposes one of many of the secrets of a millionaire mind... 

According to Harv, if you’d like to make it big financially, there’s no room for mediocrity and you cannot afford to compromise. 

You MUST go hard — or just go home and concede that wealth simply isn’t your game, says Harv.

Why’s There No Such Thing as an Average Millionaire Mind?

Harv says that generally, most people identify with the profound truth of “Go hard or go home”

After all, anything worth doing demands your absolute best, or you don’t do it all.

You might be thinking, “I like to play golf sometimes, but I’m not very good. What about that?”... 

While excelling at hobbies such as golf isn’t necessary, Harv insists that the rule of giving your absolute best applies to everything else. 

Even if you’re not great at golf, you’re probably getting some kind of fulfillment out of playing.

You’re playing because you like to, not because you have to.

Now contemplate the difference between doing what you do for fun…

Versus doing what you do for your life…

Playing golf is fun, but a different use of time and commitment when compared to the discipline required for working towards your financial freedom or upgrading your lifestyle, says Harv.

Having average golfing skills is fine.

But having an average millionaire's mind or being an average millionaire is impossible, he adds.

Either you ARE a millionaire or you aren’t.

Either you have a millionaire mind or you don’t.

And to candor, there are millions more millionaire wannabes than there are actual millionaires. 

You can’t just ‘Okay’ yourself into wealth and riches.

Harv asserts that you either master wealth or you don’t.

How you do anything is how you do everything! -T. Harv Eker

The Warrior’s Millionaire Mind

Here’s where Harv says your warrior mentality comes into play. 

To attain the millionaire mind, start training your mind to think as a warrior does. 

Know this… the warrior chooses, come what may, to ‘be a master’. 

A warrior MUST! 

It is the only option, says Harv

For the real warrior, mastery is a life-or-death decision.

Mastery is less of a skill and more a case of desire, discipline, and commitment. 

You choose to take your life to a new level and do whatever it takes, he adds

Most people are living far beneath their potential because they’re still playing minor leagues. 

This is contrary to major leaguers who are making fortunes regardless of their job or industry because they don’t fear themselves. 

Moreover, Harv says that they’re unafraid of the responsibility, the work that must be done, and making the changes necessary for success.

They believe and indeed, embrace that they must play big to win big.

Is it more work to play in the majors compared to the minors? 

Not particularly, according to Harv

It certainly takes more practice, but often all it requires are minor adjustments to how your skills are applied and how you think to effect those big changes, Harv says.

Change Up Your Thinking

If you’d like to master anything, Harv insists that there are some things you simply have to do differently.

Your standards will have to change. 

He suggests that you replace the thought from “This is okay...” to “I can do much better!”

Then, find additional reasons to continue improving yourself and maturing your mastery.

Can you become a master of everything? 

No, Harv emphasizes, nor do you have to. 

Instead, you must prioritize. 

Choose, focus on, and commit to the things you truly desire most for yourself, he says

Whatever your choice, vow that you’ll either master it or not engage it at all. 

Remember, if you’re not willing to recognize your potential and be accountable for follow-through, then according to Harv, you will not master it.

What you settle for is what you will always get.

In fact, Harv says that becoming a master is not the hardest part at all. 

Deciding to be a master in the first place is the hard part and so too is ensuring you don’t backpedal once you’ve made the decision.

Remember... Practice makes Permanent! -T. Harv Eker

Conclusion: Let Your Millionaire Mind Take You to the Big Leagues

There comes a turning point in many people’s lives where they question what they’ve been taught and realize there’s much more to learn before they know anything.

If you’d like to live a better life or skyrocket your business success…

If small rewards and tiny profits no longer sate your hunger…

If you have a solution to a problem and know the world would benefit as much as you would by trading with it…

If you realize mediocrity will keep you poor…

If you’d rather spend your time leveling up to pro-status than remain hidden in the shadows under fear and doubt… 

Then when will be a suitable time for you to invest in your mastery?

NOW is the only time that is real and because how you do anything is how you do everything, if you master one arena of your life, you ultimately upgrade every other arena.

The millionaire mind has no half measure, nor should you.

Make the shift up.

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Frequently Asked Questions About a Millionaire Mind

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What is a millionaire mind?

You do things daily out of habit already, and these thoughts and actions stem from your blueprint.

A millionaire mind prioritizes happiness, gets rich doing what they love, stays rich through expertly managing their income, is financially free, and is a freakin’ warrior, focused and committed!

The millionaire mind is in the habit of wealth creation in every version and form.

If you'd like a shortcut to having a millionaire mindset, then learn more about the millionaire mind declarations and adopt them into your life to start seeing how things can change around for you.

How do millionaires think?

Only thoughts that support generating and keeping wealth, happiness and success consume their mental faculties.

Millionaires have learned to trust themselves as they research opportunities and investments thoroughly before moving a penny.

How do I get a rich mindset?

You can learn how to develop a millionaire mindset by using the three elements of change.

First, become aware of the fact that your thoughts are not supporting the lifestyle and wealth you desire.

Then learn to understand why your thoughts don’t support your best life.

And now you can start reprogramming your blueprint for success.

What are the secrets of rich people?

If you haven’t read T. Harv Eker’s best-selling book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind yet, you haven’t read anything about creating real wealth in the real world in real-time.

No secret can stay hidden forever...

These Wealth Files will clarify a wealth of wisdom for you in a few short pages!

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