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The Simple Secret To Personal Growth, Wealth & Success

Who wouldn't like to learn the secrets of personal growth that make millionaires?

And who wouldn't like to learn how to stop being afraid to say no to situations that don't support their success, happiness, growth, and wealth-creation efforts?

Trainer, Speaker, and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker calls his rich-people-problems, “challenges”. 

Having generated over 500 million dollars in revenue over 3 decades and helped thousands of people and businesses achieve desirable success, I guess he can call it whatever he wants.  

Besides, his strategies for building wealth worked. 

But he had to become bigger than his problems before he could make his millions and to do this, he took control of his own mind and outgrew his Broke(n) mindset. 

Let’s take a look at what Harv believes is the secret to personal growth…

Personal growth is only possible once you realize you are bigger than your problems. Learn how to tackle each obstacle one day at a time. -T. Harv Eker

The Path To Personal Growth And Disrupting Challenges

You don’t really want to be a millionaire if you believe that your problems are less if you have more money, according to Harv. 

Obstacles and problems don’t disappear, you just receive a new set.

Problems (what Harv calls “challenges”) don’t discriminate between wealth and poverty. 

Some challenges can be significant, risky, and even terrifying, while others are embellished and given way too much credit.

Whether it’s making a hard investment decision or conquering a mountain of debt, it could seem unnerving to confront these choices and commit to opting for personal growth.

You should be grateful for these seemingly impossible trials though, Harv stresses. 

Not because you’re Earth’s appointed punching bag, but because it shows you what you must overcome in order to succeed, and without an opportunity to triumph, you will never know how big you have to grow, nor how much you can conquer. 

In a nutshell, Harv is saying that you must think big! 

It’s much easier to hear, and nod “Well, yeah, of course” in agreement than to understand, know and live it.

Sadly, precious few people ‘think’ big and even less ‘play’ big, simply due to the fear of ‘bigger’ responsibilities, ‘bigger’ hassles, ‘bigger’ problems… 

They look at ‘bigness’ and shrivel up instead of embracing the opportunity for personal growth. 

They are smaller than the problems they have, says Harv.

They withdraw from challenges. 

Ironically, they draw themselves into the greatest problem of all … being broke, or very close to it.

The Secret To Personal Growth And Success: Grow Yourself Bigger Than Your Problems

Envision how a “Level 2” person perceives a “Level 5” problem.

Does the problem seem big or small?  

To a Level 2 individual, Harv posits that a Level 5 problem appears HUGE.  

But how would a “Level 8” person see the problem?  

The same problem appears much smaller.  

To a “Level 10” pro? 

It’s not even a problem, Harv states. 

It’s a mundane everyday occurrence like a morning hygiene routine.

It’s no special skill set that distinguishes rich from poor, but a profoundly simple understanding - if you’re alive and breathing, there will always be imperfect situations. 

For this reason, Harv argues that it’s not the size of your problem that’s the problem, it's the size of you, and your willingness to commit to personal growth.

When you learn how to manage bigger problems, you will be able to handle:

  • More customers
  • Bigger business
  • Greater responsibilities
  • More money
  • Greater wealth

Your income will grow directly proportionate to your commitment to personal growth, he adds.

And if you're still not loving what you're doing, another aspect to consider is whether or not your reason for getting up in the morning is aligned with your passion and purpose.

Practice Growing Yourself Bigger

Here’s what Harv strongly recommends if you’d like to become more successful:

1 - Commit to self-growth:

  • Don't avoid problems
  • Don't whine about problems
  • Don't let problems plague you
  • Refer to problems as "situations" or "challenges"

2 - Detach from the drama you create when you don't get your way

3 - Learn to remain present, handling one challenge at a time, with an open heart and mind

4 - Trust yourself as well as the universe, that it all will work out inevitably

Conclusion: You Can’t Control What’s Out of Your Control

Your mind can make mountains out of molehills, and it can also reduce a boulder to dust.  

If you’d like to take charge of growing bigger than your problems, then start redefining them for what they truly are… nothing more than run-of-the-mill challenges.  

Can you believe in yourself?

Can you let your faith be bigger than your fear of failure or reproach?

Grow bigger than what you see as problems, and what you'll recognize, are opportunities.

Are you ready to transform the habit of feeling inferior to life happening around and through you? 

Then let’s grow!

What overcoming procrastination means is that you are controlling your mind when it fights to keep you in your comfort zone.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Growth

Has your Mind ever wondered...

Why personal growth is so important?

For anything to improve, growth is necessary.

A seed does not rest in the soil to be called a tree - no - it is buried in darkness and fights its way to through the dense cover, absorbing all it is given and reaches for the light above the ground, to finally break through the surface and taste the rays of life giving sunshine.

Nor does it stop growing for as long as it receives nutrition.

We are the same, needing challenges to facilitate our growth beyond the limitations we find ourselves in.

Life seeks to thrive.

How can I improve my personal growth?

Don’t let fear stop you from taking action and find creative ways to solve problems, instead of giving up at the first sign of a challenge.

Learn from successful people who have done it before you.

What causes personal growth?

An identified need to improve, followed by the conscious choice to take action to do what it takes to exceed limitations. 

Your mindset and your will are your strongest assets for growth.

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