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The Truth About Why More Money Doesn't Equate to Happiness

If you feel you ‘need more money’ in order to be happy, I highly recommend you read this.

Trainer, Speaker, and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, took over a decade of ‘failures’ as a sign that he had to start doing things differently.

On his journey, he turned his valuable lessons into his life’s purpose to help others avoid the pitfalls to happiness, freedom, success, and wealth.

Going from Zero to Multimillionaire in a short space of time meant that he had finally succeeded in cracking the code on how to build the life and net worth of your dreams, and keep it.

This is why we’d like to share the truth, according to Harv, about why more money won’t make you happy.

At the core, we don’t always know what it is we truly desire and we act out our most base instincts to survive, doing the only things we know how to do, to achieve what we believe we seek.

For this reason, Harv believes that it helps to delve deeper into the self to find the root of our discontentment, so we may change what he describes as our inner world for our outer world to bear the fruits we’d love to taste.

Why More Money, Really?

This is probably the most basic question ever in the average adult working world:  What do you have in common with 99% of the global population when it comes to what you desire most?

Most people have a similar answer which is simply: More money!

Specifically, we desire to be really rich, or rich enough, or have wealth to boot.

And who wouldn’t?

However, Harv suggests that most people forget the facts…

Your financial wealth is not an indicator of, nor the facilitator of your long-lasting happiness.

Let's find out why and also, how Harv says you can stay out of the trap of chasing financial gain when you should be focused on financial freedom.

The ‘More Money, More Satisfaction’ Myth

If you’re already rich, you don’t have too much to feel anxious about, except perhaps for what to do with all your money…

Or maybe even what to do about that “distant cousin” who never really featured in your life, but suddenly emerged after finding out you have some money.

Still, most people would rather welcome a problem like that, Harv says

More money simply means greater access to material comforts and being able to do what you desire, when you desire without being answerable to anyone.

No evaluations, no deadlines, no bosses - just you doing your thing and being in control of your own economic situation, your resources, your time, and your life.

Since this is clearly evident, why are we bringing this up?

Because Harv’s noticed that oftentimes, what is glaringly obvious is so blatantly obvious that we end up missing the actual bigger picture.

When we refer to the desire for wealth, what is the true essence of being rich?

Having more money or having more freedom?

The Money and Freedom Contrast

There’s a big difference between these two, isn’t there?

Does having a little or a lot more money mean with certainty that you’ll have more happiness, security, or more freedom?

Or that you’ll have even just more comfort or peace of mind?

According to Harv, not necessarily...

Being rich provides more material convenience, for sure, however, we all know that many rich people out in the world are beyond miserable.

They sometimes miss the entire point of what being rich is about, such as having the means to celebrate, express, and share their happiness and freedom.

So instead, they end up working more than some middle-class persons, who struggle equally hard, because some rich people still believe they must work harder so they can stay ‘rich’ and ‘free’.

It’s unbelievable!

In the end, what is it we’re truly after?

What do you really desire?

What all of us are actually seeking, says Harv, is the feeling we associate with being rich.

A nice house provides us with a sense of home and comfort.

We feel confident when we drive a car we really like.

Novelties and travel fill us with excitement.

However, you can still experience these feelings of happiness and freedom without having to wait for the money to roll in first, Harv insists.

Getting rich to become free is not the goal here…

Turn it around!

Become free first, because Harv says, and he would know that being rich is the frosting on the cake.

How To Find Your Freedom

Financially speaking, Harv argues that your freedom exists in creating passive income vehicles, some you’ll buy and some you’ll build.

He suggests that you allow these income streams to gather momentum over a couple of years, benefit from the profits, and then duplicate the process with other structures of passive income.

With this method, you gain the material wealth that provides you with tangible freedom from the ‘need’ to work, which is one of the most basic reasons we desire to be rich to begin with.

Moreover, happiness is a given when you really know with clarity, what it is you truly desire.

Freedom is only as good as the results of your true intentions. -T. Harv Eker

Keep in mind the end game.

You’re not becoming rich so you can be free.

You’re becoming free so you may enjoy the endless benefits of your riches.

This isn’t something you must wait for to happen in the future, says Harav, because there is no freedom in playing the waiting game.

He insists that your freedom starts right now.

Conclusion: Choose Freedom and Happiness

No amount of money in the world will make you happy, or buy your freedom if you're unwilling to manage your freedom and happiness reasonably and responsibly.

And if you’re unable to manage the wealth of blessings that come your way, your success, money, and happiness will not last long.

Understand that the past is history, the future is imaginary, and the only real moment to make a real decision and have a real impact is right now, in the present.

Don’t postpone your happiness, or your financial freedom by putting prerequisite ‘perfect’ conditions in the way of the daily steps you must take to achieve and sustain both.

Take deliberate action towards your financial freedom by managing your money well and building on your passive income. 

And remember that success follows happiness so when you prioritize what makes you happy, you lay the foundation for success to follow.

In the same way you choose to become financially free by taking action and managing your income, happiness is a choice too and in fact, should be top priority.

What is required is your 100% commitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About More Money

Has your Mind ever wondered…

How can I make more money?

First understand that more money will not make you more happy - more money will only make you more of who you truly are.

At the root of your pursuit of happiness, is the desire to be financially free.

And because you get your money from other people, the key is to help many people solve a problem at a profit.

So if you’d like more money, then help more people solve problems.

Focus on the value you propose then set targets for the volume of lives you’d like to improve within the right market.

How to make money without a job?

In an ideal world, we would all grow up with excellent examples of excellent money management as well as personal responsibility.

Since not everyone's blessed with the greatest examples to model while growing up, the best we can do is to grow our financial literacy when we realize we’re out of balance.

The aim is to become financially free, and for this, a passive income is required.

How to get rich in 5 years?

Start by learning how to manage your money well - really solidify that habit.

You must become financially free first, so you may enjoy the benefits of being rich.

Your money will only grow to the extent that you do and your levels of success reside in the wake of your levels of happiness.

If happiness is what you’re after, understand that happiness is a choice, a habit, and a lifestyle.

When you nurture good millionaire money habits, good personal habits, and habits that support the life you desire, you're actively working on creating your best life with wealth to boot.

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