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Understanding the Money Game...

There's a little secret to understanding the money game and excellent money habits.

If you've wondered what bridges the gap between those who have ‘made it big’ and those who have not managed to get their financial dreams off the ground, you may be surprised to learn that attitude plays a big role.

Successful people think in a very different way to most.

Trainer, Speaker and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker is one of those precious few truly successful people who, like his millionaire peers, has chosen to approach risk, money and time in a way that maximizes wealth, and understands that his thinking makes all the difference on the road to fame and fortune.

Here we look at how Harv describes the money game, and what the key is to playing it to win.

Playing the Money Game

The Millionaire Wealth Files were developed by Harv to help you not only change your thinking but also your behavior.

One of the biggest lessons in these Wealth Files is how to learn and play the money game to shift your thinking towards success.

Here's some profound wisdom from this resource:

“Rich people play the money game to win. Poor people play the money game not to lose.”

Poor people work to pay their bills and feed their families, according to Harv.

This is their primary goal, and while it seems a bit harsh, if what you want is to merely “pay the bills”, that’s most likely all you are going to get, he adds.

Middle class people work to be comfortable and have a bit extra left over to spend on themselves.

Being comfortable however means not worrying about bills and being able to enjoy your life.

With that said, when you have to worry about what you can and can’t afford;  Harv argues that that is far from being fully free of all money woes.

Rich People Do What They WANT to Do in Life

The world is their playground, says Harv, whether they are doing safaris in Africa, scuba diving in Australia, lazing on a tropical beach in Thailand or shopping in New York.

They do not ever worry about whether they can afford to enjoy their lives, because they know that they have the means to live however they choose.

Their lifestyle is possible because of their relationship with money, their habits around money and how they manage both life and money with excellence, Harv reiterates.

If you are always aiming for survival or even being comfortable, there is a very good chance that is all you will become.

If you attempt to grow your wealth, you will always be comfortable.

To use an analogy, if you are training for a race, you may not cross the finish line.

You will however push yourself further and faster than you could have gone without training.

In this way, wealth is much the same, Harv says.

You need to teach yourself to dream without any boundaries, and educate yourself with the right type of knowledge.

Start believing that you deserve to be wealthy, and start doing whatever it takes to grow your wealth and keep it.

Once you have mastered this, Harv believes that you may soon find that you have more inspiration and a better mindset to achieve your dreams and make real change happen.

Conclusion: How Rich People Play the Money Game

How rich people play the money game is no longer a secret now, is it?

They have learned how to develop a millionaire mindset and pick the sweet fruit of their choices every day - and so can you.

Reprogram your blueprint and mend your relationship with money to attract the life and wealth you desire.

You can start by adopting supportive attitudes and a profound new way of thinking as your default mindset to draw success into your life, and keep it there.

Not only will you understand how rich people play the money game, but you will also have the savvy to implement the same excellence in your own world.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How Rich People Understand the Money Game

Has your Mind ever wondered..

How does the money game work?

Reprogramming your blueprint for success, taking risks and acting in spite of fear while managing your money with excellence are at the core of how the money game works.

How do rich people think?

Rich people have supportive attitudes towards wealth, exercise wealth principles and have a blueprint programmed for wealth because they realize that what makes them successful is their millionaire mindset.

How do you master the power of money?

Money is a tool, controlled by YOU, not the other way around - they create their own life.

Rich people don’t limit their resources and income, they bless what they want, research what they’re interested in, invest for long and short term, ensure passive income streams, become financially free before they become financially rich and never stop learning.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Rich People Play the Money Game

Has your Mind ever wondered...

How do you play the money game?

If you know the difference between your needs and your wants, are financially free, manage your finances with excellence, split your income, plan what you save, spend and invest with purpose, and thrive on your passive income investment options, you know how rich people play the money game to win and are likely among them.. 

What game can make you rich?

Be financially free before becoming rich and play the money game like a millionaire who knows their worth, promotes their value, believes in excellence and acts in spite of fear.

Learn how to do that here.

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