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The Inner- and Outer Laws of Success

If you've ever longed for better finances or believed that money can solve all of your problems, then you are not alone.

Multi-millionaire and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, came to understand that building wealth is an inside job, governed by the inner- and outer laws of success.

Many people dream about having more money, that will settle their bills, debts, and worries.

In reality, however, the creation of wealth is just a single result of a change that is far larger than you thought – a change in the way that you think.

When you begin to think as wealthy folk do, you can expect favorable changes far beyond just the size of your wallet.

Inner and Outer Laws of Money

The first step in achieving this attitude shift is to understand that there are inner and outer laws of money.

The outer laws have to do with how we make and spend money, while the inner laws focus on your attitude towards money.

It is these inner laws that make all the difference when it comes to learning how to start succeeding vs. staying in your comfort zone.

Money plays an important role in our lives, whether you want to believe that or not.

The interesting thing is that people who choose to believe that money is not hugely important are less likely to grow their finances and create wealth.

On the other hand, those who understand how important money is, are able to attract money and use the power that money brings to create unimaginable wealth and so much more.

How to Change the Inner Laws of Money

None of us are born with thoughts about money, and as children, we learned about money from our parents and other people around us.

These people had strong views about money, and these were handed down to us as children.

If your parents thought that ‘making do’ was enough, then most likely, that is what you grew up thinking too.

Because of this, we developed strong inner laws about money.

The good news however is that despite these beliefs being strong, you can still change them.

The first step is to acknowledge that money is a type of power, and one that needs to be used wisely.

If you can start believing that, then you can begin to change your inner laws to develop ones that are stronger than those that you were born with.

We all have the means to change how we think – taking those first steps to changing our inner laws is a way to change our thinking and lives for good.

Our patterns that we learned as children cannot be broken until we first understand them, then make the decision to change them, and then finally, take whatever steps we can take to create new patterns.

Successful people have learned how to change their internal ‘success blueprint’.

If you are serious about changing your life and your patterns, you will also be able to change the way that you think about money.

You can choose to think differently about money, to have the life that you have always wanted – even if your patterns were set for ‘surviving’ or ‘getting by’.

Once you start changing how you think, you will be one step closer to learning how to change your current financial situation too.

Consider for a moment...  "what is a Millionaire Mindset?" and more importantly, "how can I get one?" if you would like to start making those changes today.

When you recognize which improvements are necessary to optimize your inner- and outer laws of success, wealth creation becomes easier.

Embracing a Millionaire Mindset and understanding the inner and outer laws of money, result in fulfilment in all areas of your life.

Conclusion: As Within, So Without

Your belief about self-worth, value and abundance is evident in the results of your life at present.

If you have a desire to improve your circumstances, start with your energy, and  your world will follow suit.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Inner and Outer Laws of Success

Has your Mind ever wondered...

How many laws of success are there?

Essentially, the 2 laws of success, the inner and outer laws, are comprised of multiple components which impact your beliefs and habits.

Some outer laws of success are excellent money management, having business knowledge and investment strategies.

Some inner laws of success are your self confidence, how well you relate to others and the version of who you are.

These Wealth Principles are an accurate summary of how to build wealth.

How do rich people think?

Rich people believe in offering and receiving value in all its forms and they also believe that your success is your responsibility.

The mentality of millionaires is one of confidence, possibility, limitlessness, success and abundance.

They have a healthy relationship with themselves and their money, and their Attitudes of Wealth support the creation of fortunes.

What is a poor man's mentality?

Blaming, maiming and complaining contribute the lack of success and money in the mind of someone with a poor mentality.

The Wealth Files will help you replace limiting beliefs in your blueprint with a mindset more supportive of building wealth.

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