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How To Make More Money When Your Money's Limited

If you’d like to start a business and claim it isn’t about the money, you require some clarity.

Although money is not the only conversation to have, it’s important to know there are creative ways to make more money for your business as well as for yourself.

Multimillionaire and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker spent years in the trenches discovering some of these creative ways to make money with the very limited amount of money he had.

Let’s explore Harv’s suggestions and see how you can put them to use…

As money is an essential part of that conversation, according to Harv, the topic of money altogether cannot be ignored.

Additionally, getting clever with the resources you already have available is paramount if you plan on advancing as an entrepreneur by solving people’s problems.

Ways to Make More Money with Money

Although most people try to convince themselves (and often others) that ‘money isn’t everything’, these same people would agree that money is VERY important, Harv asserts.

Interestingly enough, while they’re trying to convince themselves in one breath of money’s insignificance, many can’t help but focus on getting more of it in that same breath.

In turn, the thoughts, perceptions, habits, and actions of people reflect exactly that.

Resulting in a journey driven by the search for money.

And before you know it, looking to find more money becomes your ‘job’, including when you’re considering starting a new business, warns Harv.

In such scenarios, money is not a part of the conversation at all, because it’s the ONLY conversation, he says.

So looking for more money becomes your highest priority when you have to make decisions.

But you must remember that ‘looking for money’ is not an actual job and Harv reminds you that it is also not your business.

No, your business must be focused on solving problems for people and generating a profit for yourself, which is the reward for what you and your business do.

That, according to Harv, is your business.

And that is how you will be managing your success responsibly.

Money is extremely important in the areas in which it works, and extremely unimportant in the areas which it doesn’t. And although love may make the world go round, it sure doesn’t pay for the building of any hospitals, churches or homes. It also doesn’t feed anybody. -T. Harv Eker

Ways to Make More Money | Get Creative with Your Resources

If you know anything about Harv’s history, you’ll recall that his first big success was in his fitness business when he sold the company he had created.

But before his breakthrough, he was selling stuff like perfumes and watches.

He says that, when he was in Florida, he set up a stall at a flea market that cost him $7.

Back then, he was so broke that the $7 he required for the stall meant he wouldn’t eat the night before.

Nevertheless, every market day Harv would approach his contact who had perfumes, begging and pleading with him to keep his nice watch as collateral.

Harv said: “You keep this watch until I bring you back the money to pay for this inventory. If I can’t, I’ll give you back the inventory - and it’ll be today. I’m only going out for two hours.”

So his contact agreed to this arrangement, spotting Harv around $300 worth of perfume, which was six or seven samples, for a $1,000 watch.

When Harv got back to his stall, he would bark it up and yell, “Discounted perfume! Go to Nordstroms, go to Saks and pay full price, or you can get it right now. Do you have your Mother’s Day gift yet? You know Mother’s Day is coming up soon!”

As soon as he said the words “Mother’s Day is coming up”, people stopped dead in their tracks, came over to his booth and they started asking, “What’s this?”

Harv would say, “I have discounted perfumes…” and the conversation started taking shape…

“Okay, I’ll take two for my mother and my sister.”

“I don’t have two right now because I’m already sold out, but come back in two hours. Are you going to be around here?”

“Yes, I’ve got a lot of shopping.”

With this system, Harv says he started selling products he didn’t have yet just by using the samples.

How did he do it?

He started in the only way he could, with the money he had.

He worked with whatever resources he had available in a way that opened the door to the possibility of making more money with whatever he had on him.

Anybody who says money is not important, doesn’t have any. -T. Harv Eker

Ways to Make More Money | Solve Problems for People

Additionally, Harv was also solving a problem for the people buying these perfumes.

He made them think… “I’ve got to get my mom something for Mother’s Day. What a hassle it’s going to be later in a department store when I could solve that problem right now for half price.”

Harv started with $7 and ended up with $115 for a few short hours of work.

Of course, passion and importance had nothing to do with him selling perfume and watches, he admits.

That’s why he was never going to achieve lasting success in continuing to do that.

But still, the lessons he took from this experience are invaluable.

And it’s that he did not allow the lack of money to stop him from getting access to more money, nor did he allow it to break his habit of responsible money management. 

Lastly, he insists that he did not allow the lack of money to dictate his success or his happiness.

That’s how the money thing works!

Your success, your worth, and your happiness can never be based around money, says Harv.

Nor can money prevent you from making some more money right now.

Remember, either you control your money, or it will control you. -T. Harv Eker

Conclusion: The Habit and Mindset to Make More Money

A sure road to consistent failure is paved by allowing limiting beliefs around money to control your actions.

Thinking that you ‘need’ more money, or ‘less’ problems, or ‘other’ resources, or something ‘else’ to start making money holds you back from even taking the first step toward wealth and success.

You don’t have to go looking for more money to start helping people today.

But if you’re willing to get creative and recognize that even if you think you don’t have much, you’ve still got something you can leverage, you could be on your way to opening doors to making more money. 

In fact, the sooner you start helping people and building rapport, the better chance you have of creating more of everything you desire.

You don’t have to stay cash-strapped forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Make More Money

Has your Mind ever wondered…

How can I make more money?

Use these examples as a starting point to get going with what you already have.

Leverage can be an excellent negotiation tool.

By using a little creativity and collateral, you can get something started with your existing resources.

If you see a need, consider how you can fill that need with what’s in your power and at your disposal.

How to make money without a job?

Think about how you can help people solve problems with what you have and with what you know.

Yes, you may have to employ some creativity and networking on your part, but if you read this article, you’ll realize it’s a lot simpler than you might think to make more money, whether you have a job or not.

Create the habit of managing your money well by using this Jars Money Management System to split the income you make in a way that will serve you.

Because making more money is one thing, but keeping it is a different ball-game! 

How to get rich in 5 years?

If you’d like to truly enjoy the benefits of becoming rich, your #1 priority should be to become financially free first.

And when you're nurturing supportive and empowering millionaire money habits, you're deliberately designing the life you desire and deserve.

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