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Who's Approval Do You Need To Stop Your Attention Addiction?

Attention addiction leaves you with a chronic yearning for everything outside of yourself.

Opinions are not facts and we each have our own views on just about everything.

Who and/or what defines popular opinion?

And why is it not relevant to you?

Wealth Strategist, Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and multi-millionaire T. Harv Eker listened to only one voice in his head.

He took to heart none of the random opinions of others on his road to success.

His journey was fueled by valuable lessons learned, good advice, modeling winners, and constructive criticism.

Less than 3 years later, he achieved his goals and exceeded his own expectations. 


Because he understood his worth and paid no mind to opinions that did not support his best life.

Let's see what he has to say about how to stop caring what others think, and how to find and listen to your own true inner voice.  


Might You be Experiencing Attention Addiction?

Are you still sacrificing your goals and dreams to please others? 

Now’s the time to stop agonizing over other peoples’ opinions!

What people think of you is seldom a clear opinion of who you truly are.  

What’s more, is that how they see you, and the opinion they have of your life, isn’t about you at all, says Harv

It’s only a reflection of how they feel about themselves.


Stop dwelling on their viewpoints.

Get over what Harv calls “the attention addiction” and start living your ultimate life! 

Learn to take control of your own mind.

And learn how to build self-trust and self-confidence to empower your life and start creating your personal success and wealth.


1. Whose Approval Do You Need?

As humans, fitting in, having people care about us, and wanting to share space with us is a natural need, Harv says, as we require to be fulfilled to stimulate a sense of belonging as it produces health and happiness.


But when our focus is too heavily invested in the opinions of others, he warns that it can easily disable us from taking action towards our desires and beliefs.

Whether you're addicted to women's attention, or if you're part of the 'drama seekers club' because you're unhappily married, the root of the problem remains the same.

If you’re always looking for someone else’s approval, Harv suggests that you probably lack self-approval

Our inner critic will say things such as...

“You’re not good enough."

"You’re nothing compared to these people around you."

"If you go after that dream, you’re being selfish.”


If you think that you cannot silence silence this voice, then you're wrong. 

You can choose, he affirms, whether to subscribe to the fear or believe in something extraordinary.

There is, however, another voice within you that says...

“You’re worthy." 

"You’re good enough."

"You’re just as valuable as anyone else.”

The question then is: which voice will you believe?



2. How Wonderful Life Is, Now You’re Not Worried About What Others Think!

Picture if you will, how life would be if the opinions of others didn’t matter to you…

Would you become egotistical and self-centered?

Or would you embrace the potential of your newfound freedom to fulfill your own true purpose absent the chokehold of the fear of rejection?


If you wish to progress in your life, then Harv insists that what other people think should be the last thing you worry about!  

Although having approval in certain areas of life can be necessary and healthy, when external approval controls your existence, it’s toxic.  

Learn how to escape from caring about what anyone else thinks.

Start trusting yourself way more than believing the things other people say or think about you.


Conclusion: You Are What You Believe

Happiness is a choice and YOUR happiness is rooted in what YOU believe, so believe in the greatest version of yourself.  

Not all the words of those we perceive as authority figures are kind, inspiring, healthy, or even true.  

You therefore have a responsibility to figure out what is true and to take to heart and mind nothing that others say or think of you.  

After all, we cannot blame our thoughts, words, actions, or our financial situation, on anyone else as what you do is all on you.

Prioritizing happiness is one of the benefits of a millionaire mindset that is worth the time it takes to break free from unhealthy addictions, including those that stand in your way of success and wealth.

So it may be very helpful to reevaluate the habits that don’t support your happiness, financial freedom and succes and start doing something to replace them with millionaire money habits of excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Attention Addiction

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What does it mean to be addicted to attention?

When your self-image is distorted, you have a false belief about yourself that makes you feel unworthy and unable to achieve anything, this often results in a life of complaints and chronic dissatisfaction, which stands in the way of your success.

If you’re easily discouraged and dissuaded from setting and reaching goals, you could be blaming others for your situation instead of focusing on your own will and competence to overcome the unfairness of this world.

Fortunately, you can change your blueprint and develop the supportive language and skills necessary to become the version of yourself that will realize your dreams, instead of continuing the habit of sabotaging your own life and seeking approval outside of yourself.

Why do people get addicted to attention?

There are many reasons people become addicted to attention which are primarily psychological in nature, regardless of whether induction of such a frame of mind was through subconscious or chemical introduction.

At the root of any addiction is a sense of isolation or loneliness, which ultimately affects one’s levels of self-esteem, self-worth, belonging, and security.

When the belief has been nurtured that one is deserving of neglect and deficit, it becomes easy to adopt a persona of like mind.

Yet in the same breath, once you decide to take charge of your life and understand that you are as important as anyone else, you start ‘rehabilitating’ your mind and your life to allow yourself to achieve success.  

If you're looking to replace your unsupportive thinking with thoughts that support the life you'd like to live,  you can adopt these Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Wealth Files and experience for yourself, the power of your thoughts.

Can you get addicted to attention?

Of course you can get addicted to attention - anyone can.

After all, we repeat what we enjoy, and getting attention, whether through drama or delight, releases pain-suppressing endorphins that tend to induce pleasure (to varying degrees).

At the core, the need to connect is stronger than the need to have a meaningful experience when you’re addicted to attention.

Any kind of attention will do as long as there is some form of interaction that validates your existence...

Some kind of engagment that generates approval from the 'oppressive force' that initially instilled limitations and low self-worth within you.

What are attention-seeking behaviors?

Blaming, maiming, complaining, shaming, gossiping, and drama-based conversations that invoke conflict to validate one’s unwillingness to take action toward creating the world you desire are the most basic attention-seeking behaviors in the realm of personal development.

These habitual thought patterns can be replaced with a success mindset.

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