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Can the Universe Help You Achieve Your Money Goals?

Have you ever asked out loud, or in silent prayer, whether for yourself or another: "Can the Universe help me out here please?"

If you read New York Times bestselling Author, T. Harv Eker's book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, you'll learn more about how your mindset and the universe conspire in your favor to help you achieve your money goals and more!

And here’s a look at what Harv has to say about you, your money goals and how to get what you’re after.

If you have ever fantasized about joining the ranks of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mike Dillard, John Assaraf, and other very rich individuals, you may have wondered how exactly people such as these high net-worth icons achieved their own personal money goals.

Did it ever cross your mind that the Universe may be the secret to their success?

If you think about it, the Universe is a lot like a huge online shopping site, processing requests and orders from people all over the globe on a daily basis.

Whenever you truly want or ask for something, Harv paints the picture that you are essentially placing your order with the Universe.

And by the same logic, the Universe also does its best to process your order and give you what you have requested.

The problem with this cosmic ordering system, according to Harv, is that sometimes we send out mixed messages when we are not 100% sure and consistent about what we truly want.

This, he adds, is when things start to get interesting.

Send Your 'Money Goals' Messages Out To The Universe

If you were to send out an order to the Universe that you want to be hugely rich and successful, then you should start getting opportunities to create wealth, says Harv.

Things should start to proceed in your life, but perhaps you may wonder if money really is everything, or maybe you will think that rich people are greedy and you don’t want to be like that...

Once you put that idea out there that maybe you do NOT want to be filthy rich or have a ‘greedy’ attitude, then just like that, Harv asserts that the Universe will react accordingly by making sure that this doesn’t happen.

After a while, you may start to realize that having money is not so bad really and that it would make your life more rewarding and thrilling…

Once those thoughts are put out there, Harv says that the Universe once again gives you what you are asking for, putting you back onto your path toward wealth and achievement.

So his message is that it takes just one bad day when you feel that money is not the answer for your order to get changed once again, putting you back onto the ‘not wealthy’ path that you have created for yourself unwittingly.

Why You Must Know WHAT You Want To Get It

By now, Harv suggests that you should see a pattern starting to form.

The barrier to achieving a prosperous mindset according to Harv, is as follows: the reason most of us do not get what we want is that we don’t really know what it is that we want.

This simple little fact is something that those with a millionaire’s mindset understand, and this is the one thing that they are completely sure about – they have a strong desire to be successful.

They are also fully committed, says Harv, to creating and keeping wealth and will do whatever they need to do within the legal and ethical boundaries to make this happen.

On the other hand, the people who are still just struggling to break even are never truly sure that they really want to be rich, he adds.

This causes confusing messages to the Universe and even more confused thinking, and they never really manage to get anywhere in their daydreams about making it big, Harv insists.

If you are serious about learning how to reach your money goals, then the very first lesson you need to learn is that the Universe is listening - Harv suggests that what you should start doing is ensuring that you know what you want before you order.

There's no time like the present for you to learn how to develop a millionaire mindset.

Conclusion: Your Mindset and the Universe are One

You create your world.

And if you have a goal-setting mindset hellbent on success, you have a better mindset for getting rich than someone who blames something or someone else for what they lack in their lives.

As much as there are no accidents, understand that everything is connected.

Also, know that everything you experience comes from within you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Money Goals

Have you wondered...

What are some money goals?

Becoming a millionaire in 3 years or less is a goal that can be achieved.

Cultivating millionaire habits is another worthy goal to have.

Becoming financially free should probably be the first goal you aim for.

Building generational wealth before age 70 might sound lofty, but if you're serious about making success and wealth part of your daily experience, having this goal may give you so much more to look forward to in life.

What are 3 goals for your money?

Manage your money well...

By splitting your earnings into necessities, saving for investments, education and long-term goals, emergencies, giving back to the community, and personal entertainment you can confidently allocate your income in ways that help you move forward in life.

Make your money work well for you...

By investing in diversified passive income streams, you're not only feeding your freedom, but you're playing the money game to win.

Grow yourself to the extent you want your money to grow...

 The more you learn, the more you can do and the better decisions you can make.

How do you set money goals?

By adopting and applying the principles of “How you do anything is how you do everything” and “If you can manage a small amount of money, you can manage a large amount of money”, you may be able to set achievable money goals.

Harv suggests his jars money management system as a budgeting template for building freedom and wealth by essentially using the principle of having money goals to the user's advantage. 

That system empowers you to plan how much money you invest, spend and save.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Universe

Have you wondered...

What is in the universe?


Everything in existence, seen and unseen, is perfused with energy. 

Your thoughts are waves carrying the energy of intent and belief, hence the manifestation of your circumstances.

The space in the universe is your consciousness and the time factor is your conscious energy - the two aspects used for the materialization of raw potential energy. 

This is why we focus on strengthening the mindset and this is why who, where, and what you are, is all on you.

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