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The Best Top 10 Tips for Your Wealth and Success

Success is yours if you're willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

Wealth Strategist and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker has generated revenue exceeding 500 million dollars over 3 decades in business.

His high achievements in success and wealth prove him a great example to follow.


Achieving high success rates and creating abundant wealth only require consistently following a few principles and rules.

Although, if you follow substandard unproven guidance from novices, and subsequently take action, it could be destructive and you’ll undoubtedly struggle to achieve your desired success and wealth.

Here are the steps that work, tried, tested, and approved by Harv:

1. Take Back Ownership of Your Life

Nobody will hand over the keys to your success regardless of how hard you work or how much you do right. Learn to change for the better.

Wealthy people consciously create their experiences, hence their success, as they understand that life is happening “for” them, and not “to” them.

Step one is to take control. Fast track your success and wealth by believing that you alone can create the life of your choosing, instead of waiting for something good to come your way.


2. To Change the Fruits, First Change the Roots

Picture any fruit tree in an orchard.  Let this tree represent your life. 

As is natural in life, all our actions yield eventual results.  This is the fruit your tree will bear.  

But consider, what kind of fruit?  Will it be sweet, juicy, and crisp? 

Or will the fruit of your labor be bitter and dismal?

Of course, the sweet fruits of success are more appealing, so what do you do to get them? 

Although the fruits already produced cannot be changed, you can sweeten tomorrow’s fruits by nurturing what is hidden beneath the soil today, knowing every effort affects the whole plant (you).  

When you’re not achieving your desired results, focus on solving the true problem, instead of focusing on the end result.  

Focus on the invisible to change the visible.

Return to the roots.


3. Be Willing to Be Uncomfortable

You’re not doing anything wrong when you encounter an obstacle, so get comfortable with stepping outside your comfort zone.

There is growth in the challenge and this means you are moving forward.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, challenged, or discouraged – that means you’re growing.

Learn to adapt to ever-changing circumstances to gain and maintain momentum.


4. What you Focus on Expands

Do you recall ever meeting someone who embodied the misery of their complaints on all that’s wrong in their life?  

This unconscious trap, which anyone can fall into at times, is a habit you simply must break to achieve your life goals, and here’s why.

When you’re being negative or complaining, where is your focus - on what’s right or what is wrong in your life now? 

What’s wrong obviously!

 And if what you focus on expands, what are you inviting more of into your life? 

What is wrong in your life of course. 

Commit to focusing on what is right in your own life and new ways of achieving your goals will be revealed.


5. Your Word as Law

Integrity encompasses being complete and whole as a person, finishing what you start as well as being honest with yourself and others.

When you don’t follow through, your confidence is shaken, and becoming stuck in a cycle of bad habits becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, by maintaining self-discipline and doing whatever it takes to honor your word and commitment to yourself, such confidence will flood into every aspect of your life.

Of course, it takes practice and action but this is the ultimate way to have ownership of your life and successfully achieve your goals which in turn increase your potential for wealth.

Before speaking anything into being, think... what is your word, and what does it mean?


6. Be a Great Money Manager

What is your money managing system?  

Regardless of how much money you have or make, if you don’t control your income, how will you manage your earnings once you’ve achieved the success you desire?

If you have a bad habit with money management, you’ll probably continue the same poor behavior even when you become successful.

First cultivate the habit, irrespective of the amount of money you make. 

This attitude sets apart the rich from the broke to the middle class and makes the world of difference whether you’re successful and achieve increased wealth potential or not.


7. Model Rich & Successful People

If you didn’t grow up with millionaires as role models, you’re not alone. 

Unfortunately, the majority of our parents don’t know how to be rich either.

Since most of us were not provided with good examples of what is required to achieve success or improve our wealth potential, it’s crucial to learn from people who have become successful and rich.

Learn their history, study them, read their literature, watch their interviews, employ their methods, and do what they did to get to where they are.

Your strategy need not be face-to-face meetings with your role models, simply do the homework. 

Investigate their histories through news stories and biographies to learn about the state of their lives when they were in the same position you are in right now. 

Then follow their lead.  


8. Don’t Limit Your Income

Employment equates to a limited income of which the ceiling on earnings cannot be penetrated. 

If getting rich is your goal, you must remove all income limitations, which generally means you must start a business.

However, don’t make the mistake of being the business and taking sole responsibility for all successes and failures.  

When you are the business, nothing functions in your absence. 

This is why countless small businesses fail or stay small.

True success is when your business runs without your 24/7 participation. 

Creating a business you can step back from, where you let the systems you’ve put in place run your enterprise for you, completely eliminates the limit on potential earnings.

Consider that a job is generally based on an agreed rate, salary, or commission which means you earn only as much as you are able or allowed to work. 

But, letting your systems work for you, you can step back and no passage of time hinders your growth.


9. Focus Less on Money & More on Solving Problems

One huge obstacle to professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals transitioning from employee to business owner, is their fixation on only themselves.  

Will this work? 

Will my target audience like me? 

Will I make sufficient money? 

Do I have enough knowledge?  

The doubts keep iterating.

This approach is completely wrong. 

Shift your focus from yourself to others.

Making money is simple. 

People pay for things that solve their problems, therefore starting a business without a reasonable purpose and hoping it achieves success is a wasted opportunity.  

People earn mad money from building businesses that solve problems for other people.

Focus on being a “problem solver” by establishing what you can do, to add the best value to other people and make money as a result. 

Consider your own life at the moment.

What do you pay for that helps you to solve problems?  

Getting rich means helping many people solve problems.

This is the means to achieve success.


10. Never Stop Learning

Finally, don’t be mistaken by thinking that once your goal has been achieved, you now know all you need to! 

Successful people commit to continued learning and growth.

Put aside the required time in your day (and the funds in your budget) for investment in new learning programs.

No doubt you’ve heard “knowledge is power” before – now embrace it!


Conclusion: Change your habits to become a problem solver and never stop growing

Focus on solving problems, starting with your own. 

This will happen when you’re ready to take responsibility, step outside your comfort zone, be grateful for what you have right now and start planning ahead.

Improve your habits and remove limitations by putting systems in place to ensure your business runs without your constant presence.

Take responsible action with integrity.

Keep learning from the best examples of proven wealthy successful people through studying them and reproducing what they have done to become, and stay, rich.

After all, the only difference between you and them is your mindset.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Success

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What is the best definition of success?

The best definition of success is: Living Your Purpose.

Your definition of success will change over time, because you’re not meant to stagnate.

What makes a person successful?

Have you ever heard the statement: ‘If you want to Be, Do…’?

This is where your success rests.

That which you are willing to focus on, commit to and will stop at nothing to achieve.

How do you become successful?

Learn, be and do.

If you’re inspired to pursue something meaningful to you, don’t stop until you have become the person you need to be, to be able to do what must be done to realize your dream.

And learn how to stop being afraid to say no to whatever doesn't bring you closer to your dream, happiness and success.